Many people take yoga and leave unsatisfied.  They may not like the teacher, the class, the temperature, the talking or lack of instruction or the poses may be painful.  Finding the right yoga class for each person, is like searching for “the one”.  There are so many options and just a handful of “right” fits. A yoga class that “hits the spot” for me is a conscious combination of critical ingredients.  It should include a practice of breathing deeply, noticing the body’s energy flow, inward focus, like a meditation in movement, infused with lightness and humor, respect for the body and attunement with its inner wisdom.  It needs to have a sequence of poses that speaks to the whole person’s being, mental, physical, and mystical  inspiring moments to feed the human spirit. Asanas or postures should be provided to build flexibility gradually, strengthen the muscles in a harmonius way, re-condition the mind towards peaceful living, provide an internal cleansing, a release of impurities, stimulate effective digestion and invoke intuition. With this awareness a yoga can use agni (the inner fire) prana (the life force), passion (the light within) to live life from a place of inspiration, optimism, consciousness and serve as a healing presence to the world.

My classes seek to embody the essence of yoga, in its medicinal form. Om is chanted to open to one’s Infinite potential, to deepen and strengthen the connection between all beings and bridge the gap of beliefs which divide us.  Breathing techniques are given throughout the class to nourish the cells, muscles, joints and bones.  Explanations are given regarding how to find balance within ourselves and in our lives. Alignment guidance is provided to assure optimal energy flow, accuracy of the posture and minimize any discomfort. Exploration of various levels of effort and variations of poses are shown to meet the needs of all participants. All moments of the class are intended to guide each person back to their heart, intuition and inner light, where all magnificence can emerge. An element of tapping into the Universal energy is welcomed, a sense of letting the mind elevate itself into the Higher Mind, to return to our natural state of inner peace.  Through weaving these elements into the class and creating a sacred space of grounded as well as expansive energy, one can begin to experience a yoga that quenches the thirst of those who live in these challenging modern day times. May all your endeavors lead you to “awaken the light within”. Namaste.