Yoga-Teacher-Thai-Massage-TherapistKamlesh Singh – Yoga Teacher & Thai Stretch Therapist

Kamlesh has pursued yoga studies for the last 12 years. Her ancestors are from Punjab, in Northern India. She pursued wellness studies in college, obtaining a BA in Psychology, MA in Physical Education and a CLAD Teaching Credential. After traveling around the world in her early 20’s to discover her dharma, she moved to CA, to study yoga. In 2003, she completed Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. In 2007, she traveled for 5 months throughout India, took yoga classes in Rishikesh,  India and practice seva “selfless service to humanity” on the North India Tour led by Amma. Kamlesh practices daily yoga and meditation to balance her lifestyle. She studied Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Indigo Yoga for Kids, and Thai Stretch in Chang Mai, Thailand. She is Level 1 Reiki certified and combines this therapy in her Thai Stretch sessions. For the past ten years, she has been teaching yoga classes, private sessions, workshops and retreats all over the United States. She has also completed the Atma Holistic Yoga Teacher training with Saul David Raye in 2009. Kamlesh can work with anyone on any level. Her classes are fun, engaging, and challenging. She invites you to experience yoga in a way that opens you to your own infinite possibilities.

Kam’s Yogic Philosophy

Yoga is neither a religion nor an institution. It knows no prejudice, judgements or divisions. It is the universal language of unconditional love, dwelling eternally in the depths of our beings and available to all. It is the medicine for mankind and a journey worth experiencing. No efforts, however minimal, go unnoticed in the Eye of Cosmic Consciousness, where Bliss knows no boundaries. It is the place where I see your Truth, you see my Truth, and we are One, immersed in Infinite Love.

Kamlesh Singh offers Thai Stretch and Yoga Instruction for groups and individuals
For questions or more information, she can be contacted at (760) 580-5013

Book Release Summer 2011!!
‘Feeling Peace With 108 Yoga Poses’ by Kamlesh Singh
Including explanations and pictures of 108 postures for healing various conditions.


‘Kamlesh is a great Yoga Teacher, she really helps and guides you through the postures as your learn. Her Thai stretch has greatly helped me in lowering my stress levels and improving my general well-being’.
– Jeff Perry, Ph.D.

‘Kamlesh is an amazing Thai stretch therapist, she has an intuitive gift for healing.’
– Leanna K., RPH

‘Kamlesh is an amazing spirit both on and off the mat. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy is outstanding. Her personal skills as a yogini are profound. She is a joy to work with and simply be around. I highly recommend all of her services.’
– Julie Gengo, Yoga Instructor

‘Her yoga and meditation practice is like no other I have ever experienced, and her ability to tune in to others’ energy seems so natural.’
– John Vallas, San Diego Buisness Plan Award Winner.