Indulge in a Yoga Spa

Here is a few seconds of good vibes for your day!  "A smile is happines you will find right under your nose."- Tom Wilson Some times we look so hard for something and then realize it was right in front of us, like the answer to a problem. Most of the time all we have to do is relax a little and then things have a way of working themselves out. Typically, the outcome is never as worse as we … [Read more...]

Volcano Vibes from Arenal

Volcano Vibes from Arenal Only a few places on earth have made me speechless and humbled by its presence. Once I was walking towards Niagra Falls with my cousins and completely forgot what I was saying as soon as I saw it. Another time, I went to hike the Franz Joseph Ice Glacier in New Zealand and was struck by its enormous size and magnitude. And in Australia I snorkeled around the Great … [Read more...]

Riding the Waves on Tico Time

Riding the Waves on Tico Time The little “wanna be” surfer in me, definitely got her fill of wave craving. The biggest adjustment from 12 years in California to 6 months of living in Atlanta so far has been missing my romance with the ocean.  It was a blessing to return and divine grace that we had such a perfect combination in our group. The real surfer in the group, Jon was very helpful in … [Read more...]

Exploring Rinco de la Vieja

Expressing good yoga qualities, our group responded well to the rise and shine request, up at 6am on big adventure days.  After a few hours of rugged outback driving, some life threatening attempted passes on blind turns, and dodging apparently stoned drivers on the road, we arrived at our destination.  In any group tour, it is always a saving grace to have options. As much as I wanted to go … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Yoga and Adventure Tour – Travelers Tales

For years the thought of being in Costa Rica bubbled around in my mind, like a bouncy ball floating from one brain cell to the next. My obstacles were the typical concerns;  money and time.  As with everything, I put my faith that it would happen somehow in the magnificent universe, aka, God, or the Higher Force in existence.  Sometimes I think the universe must be really busy because it can take … [Read more...]