Feeding your Fire

Hi friends! What light's you up, makes you glow and creates a rush of energy inside you when you think about it? That's the access to your flame. In our navel chakra we have a fire that burns with strength or weakness, depending on what we choose to feed ourselves. In the 3rd chakra, Manipura, representative of Will Power, it can be in balance or out of balance based on a number of things. In … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving and Big News!

Being on holiday is a great time of year for us to genuinely celebrate our lives. This year is remarkably special! Here we are in 2012, the world has not ended and in fact its apparent there are a lot of new beginnings emerging! As theorized by the Mayan calendar, Dec. 21st, 2012 is a profound time for human beings to ascend into a new awakening of possibility for humanity! Many of us have … [Read more...]