Yoga at your Day Job

Yoga at your "Day Job" If you sit for more than 3 hrs at a time.... Slouch into your chair, staring at the clock........ Notice your mood alter when its Monday........ and dream about where else you would like to be... YOGA to the RESCUE ! Why wait and end up flopped over in a very awkward "Cobra Pose" below, trying to stretch :-? Being in awkward situations is how we find ourselves … [Read more...]

Back on the Mat

Back on the Mat You may have noticed it was a "quiet" June for Yoga Vortex News; just now sitting down to chat. With the sun at its peak month of the year, lots of things in motion! My friend and I traveled to Outer Banks in North Carolina and did a cleansing yoga ritual at sunset on the beach. As a part of yoga, its good to practice the mental cleansing, One way to do that is to write down what … [Read more...]

Fall into Deep Sleep

Happy Autumn to everyone!  It is time to bid farewell to the sweltering hot summers bugs, and sensitive sunburns. Welcome to the stunning colors of Fall, Halloween spooks, and award winning pumpkin pies! One thing that we get to do through all the seasons is share some yoga chill vibes and even some Thai Yoga Massage.  For those of you whose favorite practice is Yoga Nidra (restorative deep … [Read more...]