Spring Yoga Cleanse

Spring Yoga Cleanse is simple & fun! Who couldn't use a little more fun in their life? We got short changed in Atlanta with a cold cloudy transition into Spring last week.  That hasn't stopped the Easter Bunny from getting into a headstand (see above) t One really simple Spring cleanse is taking a therapeutic bath.  I have been using some fantastic genuine dead sea salts- "Minera" from … [Read more...]

How Far Can Yoga Take You?

What better what to know how far you can go than to hear it from your own practitioners in class! Here is what Andrea has to say! Hello my name is Andrea and I am 59 years old.   I have always been very active, raising a daughter on my own and working multiple jobs. 4 years ago my active life style came to a screeching halt as I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  It has affected many … [Read more...]

Powerful Yoga Vibrations

Powerful Yoga Vibrations Remember how captivating it is traveling to ancient temples in the far east, South America or other mystical places?  Even in yoga studios where people practice daily, there is a magnetism that starts to build in the atmosphere, generating good vibrations.  The understanding that we are all connected is really evident when we see Mother Nature tuning in to places of … [Read more...]

Blog Subscription Update

Hi from Kam Singh at Yoga Vortex. If you are getting this email in your inbox, it is because you have been added to the blog list.  I have sent my first post on the Detox Yoga Cleanse and there will be more to follow every 3-4 days. They are short informative "shares" on yoga insights which I hope you will enjoy. Please respond if you wish to be removed from the list. Thank you for staying … [Read more...]

Mixing Top Yoga Tunes

Have you ever noticed that the kind of music played in a yoga class makes a big difference? There are teachers that play very mellow, mostly instrumental music that is suitable for any generation of people. Some classes have a variety of mixes, with special requests from students. Vinyasa yoga classes or Power classes may have fast paced almost dance like sounds, a big favorite by students who … [Read more...]