Yoga at your Day Job

Yoga at your "Day Job" If you sit for more than 3 hrs at a time.... Slouch into your chair, staring at the clock........ Notice your mood alter when its Monday........ and dream about where else you would like to be... YOGA to the RESCUE ! Why wait and end up flopped over in a very awkward "Cobra Pose" below, trying to stretch :-? Being in awkward situations is how we find ourselves … [Read more...]

World Cup Yoga Minds

If I had to guess, I would say USA World Cup Soccer Team has extraordinary yoga mind power!  Can you imagine being completely exhausted and having to play in the World Cup Group of Death Finals? Athletes know to dig deep!  Even sports pros go within themselves to tap into dormant power.     Maybe just like for me, there is a parallel for you between the soccer game and your own life.! In the … [Read more...]

Useful Yoga and Chriopractic Adjustments

A special bundle of love in honor of Memorial Day weekend. To all those who hold this day very dear to their hearts, thank you for the journey you are on and the courage to persevere! It seems that staying centered has become "weird", now that the world is so full of drama.  With all there is to take in everywhere, when we look inside our minds, its like ping pong; thoughts bouncing … [Read more...]

Indulge in a Yoga Spa

Here is a few seconds of good vibes for your day!  "A smile is happines you will find right under your nose."- Tom Wilson Some times we look so hard for something and then realize it was right in front of us, like the answer to a problem. Most of the time all we have to do is relax a little and then things have a way of working themselves out. Typically, the outcome is never as worse as we … [Read more...]

Practicing Reflexology & Yoga

Happy Spring! It is the perfect time to go barefoot!  "Bring the Feet to Life and the Body will Follow"- Claire Marie Miller What a fascinating month; so much to wonder about and discover!  About 20 years ago, I was backpacking through Europe and remember meeting an extraordinary girl.  She was teaching a group of us about Reflexology and it was pretty "odd" at the time. Who would have … [Read more...]

Harvard Hardcore Meditation Proof

Isn't it just awesome when science and spirituality coincide? Especially when there is great inspiration to be gained. I remember in my early twenties when I was in graduate school for Exercise Physiology. I decided to write my mini thesis on Meditation and the effects on brain waves. I remember searching high and low for books with documented research on proof that meditation has a direct effect … [Read more...]

Yoga Classes in Nature

Like most people, I look forward to the weekends! Lucky for me, I have been teaching an outdoor yoga class right on the gorgeous Chattahoochee River.  This class is scheduled weekly on Saturdays at 11am and is free to Walton on the Chattahoochee residents. :-) It is one of those amazing things in life, where you think to yourself " I can't believe I am getting paid to do this."  The recent picture … [Read more...]

101 year old Yoga student

CONGRATULATIONS! and yoga birthday blessings to Sue Bess Robison for an amazing journey with yoga! :-) You never know who is going to turn up in yoga class!  I currently teach a Chair Yoga class at the ATRIA Senior Living Center in Buckhead, Atlanta.  To my amazement Ms. Sue Robison attended class.  There she sat with such a sweet demeanor and a look of fascination on her face!  She wheeled her … [Read more...]

Signs of Yoga Progress

Many people may wonder how they know if they are progressing in yoga. Most of the time, it isn’t about how deep you can go into a yoga pose, but HOW you are getting there. Like life, people remember who you lift up as you travel through life and also notice who, if any, you step on.  Here’s a measure I found on Facebook for those interested in more lifting, minimal to no stepping. The 12 Signs … [Read more...]

Practicing Yoga Properly

As many colors as there are in the world, there are that many approaches to doing yoga.  Have you ever been to class where the yoga instruction is given and it is not something that agrees with your body? If the class does not offer modifications, variations, or props to support your yoga practice, most people end up making up their own pose or quitting. Forcing would be a possible path to injury, … [Read more...]