Detoxing Negative People

DETOXING NEGATIVE PEOPLE- DONE! As a Bride with a wedding set for September, there is much joy surrounding me! Likewise, with the shining of light, we find darkness lurking. It seems the people around are either resisting the field of joy or smiling along with it.  Often, there is that one person, that just keeps on hammering at your spirit. Bit by bit, that projected negativity hopes to whither … [Read more...]

Effective Detox Tips

Effective Detox Tips      It is amazing how much we can do to manipulate our bodies!  My most shocking discovery of the month was told to me by a Top Personal Trainer from Wales, U.K.  and reinforced by his accomplice Trainer, Doritiya.  In a fitness presentation he asked us a question; How much water does it take the liver to filter out one cup of coffee? His answer was about 64 oz. That is … [Read more...]

Back on the Mat

Back on the Mat You may have noticed it was a "quiet" June for Yoga Vortex News; just now sitting down to chat. With the sun at its peak month of the year, lots of things in motion! My friend and I traveled to Outer Banks in North Carolina and did a cleansing yoga ritual at sunset on the beach. As a part of yoga, its good to practice the mental cleansing, One way to do that is to write down what … [Read more...]

Happy July 4th and End to Cleanse!

Day 19-Day 21 End to Cleanse!! It is interesting to notice how my mind has worked in the past.  Sometimes when people actually fear success there is a tendency to want to sabotage an accomplishment, right before it is about to happen. Yoga philosophy is based on self awareness, observing the thoughts of the mind without reacting to them, which is actually a form of meditation.  I found myself … [Read more...]

The End of “Rabbit Food” approaches

Day 15- Day 18 The End of Rabbit Food is Near I am very excited to still be writing about my detox.  I know my hormones are in a different space since it’s my moon time currently. I noticed my energy level drop more around this time and feel a calling for deep rest. I have scaled back some activity and taken more time to be in the outdoors and nature for most of this week. Like the feminine … [Read more...]

From Halfway to Homestretch

Day 11-14 From Halfway toward Homestretch Sunday is quite often a day of strength. Ruled by the Sun, it represents the masculine vital life force, also called Yang, the energy of doing and achieving. In contrast is Monday, influenced by the moon, the feminine life force, known as Yin, the space of being, recharging and refreshing. I am not sure how the days can go by so fast doing seemingly … [Read more...]

Mind over Matter

Day 8-10 Mind over Matter Thank goodness I had those health statistics in the back of my mind for the temptation of the next two days. I did some background acting on Day 8 and Day 9, which lasted 12-15 hrs a day.  To my amazement, there was a powerful juice machine and breakfast bar set up in the morning time. We got to choose from an assortment of raw veggies, including beets, carrots, … [Read more...]

Focus is Tested

Day 4-7 Staying Focused is Tested Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as tough as I had imagined. I had not yet seen any drastic differences, so that was all the more reason for me to keep going. From eating gluten, I tend to get a puffy abdomen in reaction to that food allergy. It still felt to me that my digestive system hadn’t yet reached its efficiency so I decided to keep going. I saw how … [Read more...]

Day 1-Day 3 Die Hard Determination

DAY 1 – DAY 3 Die Hard Determination We all have it in us; die hard determination.  However, we tend to muster it up in varying degrees depending on how motivated we are about something. As a Yoga Instructor, I see it as essential that “ I walk my talk” because having integrity is a palpable magnetic force that connects people together.  The cost of my green cleanse groceries was pretty … [Read more...]

21 Day Green Cleanse Attempt

Super Green Cleanse- Day 1 I awake in the morning to the realization that.. I am where I am. Following that comes the moment of self introspection “what’s next?”  A wave of emotions flooded into my mind about how it’s been so long since my organs had a rest.  They know just how many bites I have taken of wheat products, processed foods, dairy filled desserts, airplane  “cloned foods” and other … [Read more...]