Best times to do Yoga

Yoga has its own timing! You have perfect timing choosing to read this email at this moment. :-)  We tap into that pulsation of the universe, those healing vibrations when we tune into yoga energy. Is there a bad time or a better time to do yoga we may wonder?  The best time to practice yoga is when you feel the most fresh. Traditionally, yoga practices such as mantra chanting and meditation may … [Read more...]

Back on the Mat

Back on the Mat You may have noticed it was a "quiet" June for Yoga Vortex News; just now sitting down to chat. With the sun at its peak month of the year, lots of things in motion! My friend and I traveled to Outer Banks in North Carolina and did a cleansing yoga ritual at sunset on the beach. As a part of yoga, its good to practice the mental cleansing, One way to do that is to write down what … [Read more...]

Useful Yoga and Chriopractic Adjustments

A special bundle of love in honor of Memorial Day weekend. To all those who hold this day very dear to their hearts, thank you for the journey you are on and the courage to persevere! It seems that staying centered has become "weird", now that the world is so full of drama.  With all there is to take in everywhere, when we look inside our minds, its like ping pong; thoughts bouncing … [Read more...]

Harvard Hardcore Meditation Proof

Isn't it just awesome when science and spirituality coincide? Especially when there is great inspiration to be gained. I remember in my early twenties when I was in graduate school for Exercise Physiology. I decided to write my mini thesis on Meditation and the effects on brain waves. I remember searching high and low for books with documented research on proof that meditation has a direct effect … [Read more...]

Yoga Classes in Nature

Like most people, I look forward to the weekends! Lucky for me, I have been teaching an outdoor yoga class right on the gorgeous Chattahoochee River.  This class is scheduled weekly on Saturdays at 11am and is free to Walton on the Chattahoochee residents. :-) It is one of those amazing things in life, where you think to yourself " I can't believe I am getting paid to do this."  The recent picture … [Read more...]

Heart Awakenings July 2013

A quick summer weekend get away led me to Washington D.C. for a yoga retreat. Staring at the  majestic buildings; The White House and The Pentagon, I imagined what life would be like if those people practiced yoga and then went to work. J  It is interesting how nearby such powerful places of decision making affect the lives of potentially the whole world. Likewise, whatever life we choose to live … [Read more...]

Yoga “Rock Stars” in Town

A special thank you to those students who asked about the yoga music I was playing in class by Jim Beckwith.  It doesn’t surprise me that people would ask about such a talented musician.  I figured his cd’s would be available on Itunes, but decided to contact him to ask exactly how people could get his music.  Simply check out  The best gift about asking was learning of the … [Read more...]

Volcano Vibes from Arenal

Volcano Vibes from Arenal Only a few places on earth have made me speechless and humbled by its presence. Once I was walking towards Niagra Falls with my cousins and completely forgot what I was saying as soon as I saw it. Another time, I went to hike the Franz Joseph Ice Glacier in New Zealand and was struck by its enormous size and magnitude. And in Australia I snorkeled around the Great … [Read more...]

Mixing Top Yoga Tunes

Have you ever noticed that the kind of music played in a yoga class makes a big difference? There are teachers that play very mellow, mostly instrumental music that is suitable for any generation of people. Some classes have a variety of mixes, with special requests from students. Vinyasa yoga classes or Power classes may have fast paced almost dance like sounds, a big favorite by students who … [Read more...]

Yoga Spooky Stories for Halloween

Some yogis say it is best not to mess with ghosts and goblins because we can attract unwanted energies into our personal space.  Is that really true or a bunch of nonsense? If anyone has watched the show Ghost Hunters, its rather interesting what is revealed in the investigation into the unknown.  I thought I would share a couple of tales for you this Halloween to spook your interest in the "dark … [Read more...]