Springing Off your Mat

Springing off your Mat.... is easier than it sounds! We have a force field around us, within us that is packed with powerful momentum, just waiting to be unleashed! Yet. often times we feel tired, and we hesitate to move, without knowing why. The mind chatter tricks us into believing that we have less energy than we think we do!  We we feel tired we are thinking too far into the future and … [Read more...]

yoga cave

Secret Caves of Yoga Secret Caves of Yoga Fall showed up swiftly, staring us in the face with a deep gaze. Summer was a whirlwind with bursts of heat, gusty winds and lively colors all interwoven together. With little time for transition the best way to acclimate is to dive into the inner … [Read more...]

Getting Clear on your Chakras

Getting Clear on your Chakras We know what water looks like when its cloudy. Imagine seeing how thoughts cluster up the space in our minds or bodies. I took a higher mind development class just last weekend and we got some insight into the chakra system. I got some clarity on the value of keeping the mind clear by having an open chakra … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year- Year of the Rooster! The Rooster energy evokes heroic nature, devotion, talent at speaking, problem solving, keeping things organized and many other desired traits. Birthday years of the Rooster are every 12 years- 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029...etc. To celebrate, P.F. Changs is giving away free entree night all this week, so delicious dinner "on … [Read more...]

Moments We Live For

Moments We Live For It just happens to be a count down time in my life - 53 days until I tie the big knot! Just about everyone has something to say about that knot. It is quite the topic of connection. Amazing how we live in such anticipation. Our brains are often predicting what the day will be like or how the week will typically go.  We tend to base our answer to "how are you doing?" on what we … [Read more...]

Patience Brings Prosperity

Welcome to summer - the take it easy season! One step at a time in the sand adds up to an awesome beach walk! A lot of times we just want to run faster, run away, run because it is tough to wait.  With the strength of the sun beaming at us all day, it invites us to have patience, relax and let things unfold. I just returned from some amazing quality time doing "nothing" in the Dominican … [Read more...]

Detoxing Negative People

DETOXING NEGATIVE PEOPLE- DONE! As a Bride with a wedding set for September, there is much joy surrounding me! Likewise, with the shining of light, we find darkness lurking. It seems the people around are either resisting the field of joy or smiling along with it.  Often, there is that one person, that just keeps on hammering at your spirit. Bit by bit, that projected negativity hopes to whither … [Read more...]

Effective Detox Tips

Effective Detox Tips      It is amazing how much we can do to manipulate our bodies!  My most shocking discovery of the month was told to me by a Top Personal Trainer from Wales, U.K.  and reinforced by his accomplice Trainer, Doritiya.  In a fitness presentation he asked us a question; How much water does it take the liver to filter out one cup of coffee? His answer was about 64 oz. That is … [Read more...]

Back on the Mat

Back on the Mat You may have noticed it was a "quiet" June for Yoga Vortex News; just now sitting down to chat. With the sun at its peak month of the year, lots of things in motion! My friend and I traveled to Outer Banks in North Carolina and did a cleansing yoga ritual at sunset on the beach. As a part of yoga, its good to practice the mental cleansing, One way to do that is to write down what … [Read more...]