Tantra Yoga- Your Valentine’s

Tantra Yoga- Your Valentine! Say what? What exactly does that mean? Depends on who you ask. In the West, we tend to think of Tantra as two people's energies merging into one, in particular Yin and Yang duality  coming together into one unified infinite field of energy that sends energy up your spine! What if you want to have your own Tantra party? Well.....you totally can!! In fact, Tantra can be … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween Brave Soul

Happy Halloween brave soul! How is your skeleton looking lately? Any fractures, breaks or splints to share about that yoga poses have helped you to heal? During this exciting time of year we take a closer look at how we are held together. In yoga poses, we get to see how fear can be embedded deep in our bones. A lot of times when it comes to getting adjusted in a yoga pose, a natural fear … [Read more...]

yoga cave

Secret Caves of Yoga Secret Caves of Yoga Fall showed up swiftly, staring us in the face with a deep gaze. Summer was a whirlwind with bursts of heat, gusty winds and lively colors all interwoven together. With little time for transition the best way to acclimate is to dive into the inner … [Read more...]

Perfect Poses for Spring

It is round two of Spring in GA, as the gardens make their comeback! The blast of winter just as the buds appeared to greet us has not defeated the determined!  I brightened up when I saw my brand new azaleas enduring winter and blooming for the very first time! I rejoiced in how endings are gracious by making way for new life!  Practicing yoga has been the key to staying balanced as many hold … [Read more...]

Yoga Heals Harshness

Yoga Heals Harshness As you look around your life, there is often one person who pops into your mind, like a flame sharply igniting. It could be an image you can't shake, an unnecessary cruelty that didn't have to happen. There is that someone who is just lashing out at you, even though its not personal. And what to do, but put some good yoga skills to use. A couple weeks ago, I was woken up … [Read more...]

Moments We Live For

Moments We Live For It just happens to be a count down time in my life - 53 days until I tie the big knot! Just about everyone has something to say about that knot. It is quite the topic of connection. Amazing how we live in such anticipation. Our brains are often predicting what the day will be like or how the week will typically go.  We tend to base our answer to "how are you doing?" on what we … [Read more...]

Patience Brings Prosperity

Welcome to summer - the take it easy season! One step at a time in the sand adds up to an awesome beach walk! A lot of times we just want to run faster, run away, run because it is tough to wait.  With the strength of the sun beaming at us all day, it invites us to have patience, relax and let things unfold. I just returned from some amazing quality time doing "nothing" in the Dominican … [Read more...]

Prince, The Purple Yoga Life

Happy Spring beginnings! Big yoga love to the departing of a great legend- PRINCE, whose "yoga" life took the stage, and transcended the mat. Infinite blessings to new beginnings wherever his spirit travels.  We can instantly relate to his world famous "Purple Rain" lyrics....." I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain.  I only wanted to one time see you … [Read more...]

Detoxing Negative People

DETOXING NEGATIVE PEOPLE- DONE! As a Bride with a wedding set for September, there is much joy surrounding me! Likewise, with the shining of light, we find darkness lurking. It seems the people around are either resisting the field of joy or smiling along with it.  Often, there is that one person, that just keeps on hammering at your spirit. Bit by bit, that projected negativity hopes to whither … [Read more...]

Yoga Power in Politics

Happy Leap Year 2016! Today is an extraordinary day, Feb. 29th!  Perhaps you have noticed it is full of blessings!  Everywhere you look, there is a miracle happening, in the midst of all the chaos.  Even the chaos is phenomenal, as it has not self destructed. Despite all the conflict, the universe keeps on turning, and we keep rotating forward. We strive to generate forward thinking, higher … [Read more...]