Active Yoga for Healthy Kids

Would you like to add more to your child’s life than video games, fast food, and television? Here is the perfect thing to do with any kid… Give them some fun and social activity, active yoga! Yoga is fast becoming a ‘holistic prescription drug’ for adults. It can also be just as effective for children, especially those who want to get in shape and stay there! Most people think of yoga as just … [Read more...]

Getting More from Yoga

Happy Fall Equinox! What a beautiful season we have ahead!  This season we begin with new insights on sharing to create more from yoga practice. In kindergarten, sharing was part of our natural tendency. In elementary school, we were taught not to talk to strangers. In junior high, we are advised not to trust everyone we meet, and then in high school, we indulge in competition and see the rewards … [Read more...]