Prince, The Purple Yoga Life

Happy Spring beginnings! Big yoga love to the departing of a great legend- PRINCE, whose "yoga" life took the stage, and transcended the mat. Infinite blessings to new beginnings wherever his spirit travels.  We can instantly relate to his world famous "Purple Rain" lyrics....." I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain.  I only wanted to one time see you … [Read more...]

Yoga Vibes for Depression

In honor of connection, the world has bowed their heads together in acknowledgement of two great soul beings leaving their bodies recently; deep gratitude and respect to B.K.S Iyengar and Robin Williams. Both amazing men are world renowned inspirational leaders who did wonders for our human spirit! Robin graced us with his genius gift of comedy and Iyengar changed the face of the world from frowns … [Read more...]

Harvard Hardcore Meditation Proof

Isn't it just awesome when science and spirituality coincide? Especially when there is great inspiration to be gained. I remember in my early twenties when I was in graduate school for Exercise Physiology. I decided to write my mini thesis on Meditation and the effects on brain waves. I remember searching high and low for books with documented research on proof that meditation has a direct effect … [Read more...]

Signs of Yoga Progress

Many people may wonder how they know if they are progressing in yoga. Most of the time, it isn’t about how deep you can go into a yoga pose, but HOW you are getting there. Like life, people remember who you lift up as you travel through life and also notice who, if any, you step on.  Here’s a measure I found on Facebook for those interested in more lifting, minimal to no stepping. The 12 Signs … [Read more...]

Volcano Vibes from Arenal

Volcano Vibes from Arenal Only a few places on earth have made me speechless and humbled by its presence. Once I was walking towards Niagra Falls with my cousins and completely forgot what I was saying as soon as I saw it. Another time, I went to hike the Franz Joseph Ice Glacier in New Zealand and was struck by its enormous size and magnitude. And in Australia I snorkeled around the Great … [Read more...]

Exploring Rinco de la Vieja

Expressing good yoga qualities, our group responded well to the rise and shine request, up at 6am on big adventure days.  After a few hours of rugged outback driving, some life threatening attempted passes on blind turns, and dodging apparently stoned drivers on the road, we arrived at our destination.  In any group tour, it is always a saving grace to have options. As much as I wanted to go … [Read more...]

Feeding your Fire

Hi friends! What light's you up, makes you glow and creates a rush of energy inside you when you think about it? That's the access to your flame. In our navel chakra we have a fire that burns with strength or weakness, depending on what we choose to feed ourselves. In the 3rd chakra, Manipura, representative of Will Power, it can be in balance or out of balance based on a number of things. In … [Read more...]

Yoga Spooky Stories for Halloween

Some yogis say it is best not to mess with ghosts and goblins because we can attract unwanted energies into our personal space.  Is that really true or a bunch of nonsense? If anyone has watched the show Ghost Hunters, its rather interesting what is revealed in the investigation into the unknown.  I thought I would share a couple of tales for you this Halloween to spook your interest in the "dark … [Read more...]

June Yoga2012- Destroy your Doubts!

  A lot of us don't realize how much we doubt ourselves.  We often make decisions by playing it safe and live life not knowing all that we could really enjoy. We settle for what is commonplace or what society tells us we should be satisfied with because it is good enough and better than most. On top of that, we know that we are more fortunate than most people in the world, so why should be … [Read more...]

Finding “The One”

Some people wonder if they will find "The One."  After some time they may decide that there are many ones.  That is probably true and also there is still "The One." "The One " can be a clear reflection of our highest attributes, our level of consciousness, and a compassionate mirror of everything less than that.  For years, I had many entertaining conversations with a dear friend around the … [Read more...]