Getting Clear on your Chakras

Getting Clear on your Chakras We know what water looks like when its cloudy. Imagine seeing how thoughts cluster up the space in our minds or bodies. I took a higher mind development class just last weekend and we got some insight into the chakra system. I got some clarity on the value of keeping the mind clear by having an open chakra … [Read more...]

Feeding your Fire

Hi friends! What light's you up, makes you glow and creates a rush of energy inside you when you think about it? That's the access to your flame. In our navel chakra we have a fire that burns with strength or weakness, depending on what we choose to feed ourselves. In the 3rd chakra, Manipura, representative of Will Power, it can be in balance or out of balance based on a number of things. In … [Read more...]

April 2012- Rock Your Yoga to the Core!

How has your spring activity been lately; energizing or much to be desired? Chances are if you have been working your core, there is more exciting risk in your life than you can keep up with! I have never seen such fascinating discoveries in my fitness until I started really focusing on what is possible from focusing on our 3rd chakra- Manipura- Sanskrit meaning "Lustrous Gem", English, Solar … [Read more...]