Tantra Yoga- Your Valentine’s

Tantra Yoga- Your Valentine! Say what? What exactly does that mean? Depends on who you ask. In the West, we tend to think of Tantra as two people's energies merging into one, in particular Yin and Yang duality  coming together into one unified infinite field of energy that sends energy up your spine! What if you want to have your own Tantra party? Well.....you totally can!! In fact, Tantra can be … [Read more...]

Seniors Doing Handstands

Seniors Doing Handstands Yogis say we are as old as our spine!  The young at heart don't feel their age, nor do they let it stop them from being adventurous!  Teaching yoga is full of surprises and unexpected visions of strength.  In particular, when it's time for inversions, people often surprise themselves. Recently, at a Friday morning LA Fitness yoga class, we decide to explore handstands. … [Read more...]

Yoga Heals Harshness

Yoga Heals Harshness As you look around your life, there is often one person who pops into your mind, like a flame sharply igniting. It could be an image you can't shake, an unnecessary cruelty that didn't have to happen. There is that someone who is just lashing out at you, even though its not personal. And what to do, but put some good yoga skills to use. A couple weeks ago, I was woken up … [Read more...]

Moments We Live For

Moments We Live For It just happens to be a count down time in my life - 53 days until I tie the big knot! Just about everyone has something to say about that knot. It is quite the topic of connection. Amazing how we live in such anticipation. Our brains are often predicting what the day will be like or how the week will typically go.  We tend to base our answer to "how are you doing?" on what we … [Read more...]

Patience Brings Prosperity

Welcome to summer - the take it easy season! One step at a time in the sand adds up to an awesome beach walk! A lot of times we just want to run faster, run away, run because it is tough to wait.  With the strength of the sun beaming at us all day, it invites us to have patience, relax and let things unfold. I just returned from some amazing quality time doing "nothing" in the Dominican … [Read more...]

Yoga Power in Politics

Happy Leap Year 2016! Today is an extraordinary day, Feb. 29th!  Perhaps you have noticed it is full of blessings!  Everywhere you look, there is a miracle happening, in the midst of all the chaos.  Even the chaos is phenomenal, as it has not self destructed. Despite all the conflict, the universe keeps on turning, and we keep rotating forward. We strive to generate forward thinking, higher … [Read more...]

Back on the Mat

Back on the Mat You may have noticed it was a "quiet" June for Yoga Vortex News; just now sitting down to chat. With the sun at its peak month of the year, lots of things in motion! My friend and I traveled to Outer Banks in North Carolina and did a cleansing yoga ritual at sunset on the beach. As a part of yoga, its good to practice the mental cleansing, One way to do that is to write down what … [Read more...]

Yoga Vibes for Depression

In honor of connection, the world has bowed their heads together in acknowledgement of two great soul beings leaving their bodies recently; deep gratitude and respect to B.K.S Iyengar and Robin Williams. Both amazing men are world renowned inspirational leaders who did wonders for our human spirit! Robin graced us with his genius gift of comedy and Iyengar changed the face of the world from frowns … [Read more...]

Feeling Hot or Cold about Yoga?

Have you been noticing yourself as "hot" lately or are you having a cold spell?  Summer has blessed us with many radiant days to illuminate our skin.  With all the fun to be had it is easy to overdo yourself and seek that balance of cold therapy.  And that is ALL GOOD!  The best kind of yoga therapy is actually a combination of hot and cold immersions!   Even after taking a hot yoga class, that … [Read more...]

World Cup Yoga Minds

If I had to guess, I would say USA World Cup Soccer Team has extraordinary yoga mind power!  Can you imagine being completely exhausted and having to play in the World Cup Group of Death Finals? Athletes know to dig deep!  Even sports pros go within themselves to tap into dormant power.     Maybe just like for me, there is a parallel for you between the soccer game and your own life.! In the … [Read more...]