In a world that can be chaotic, disorderly and way too busy, Kam’s yoga class provides a much needed boost of refreshing, positive energy and a haven for spiritual self development.  Having a positive mind set and ability to detach from all that is around you (to be your true authentic self) is a difficult skill to attain and Kam provides insight in each class how to better achieve this. I especially enjoy hearing about how the mind and body are related.  Who knew there are 108 yoga postures to cure any ailment that you may have? In addition, this class is a damn good work out, if you are looking for “chaturanga arms” and washboard abs!!!! Thanks so much Kam, for shedding light and love in this world!!!
–Adrienne Breen

“Kamlesh has been a real inspiration for me and our entire yoga group. Her yoga sessions are challenging, yet balanced with her unique ability to make the classes fun. She offers insightful perspectives on healthy life styles and is focused on improving each class member’s yoga experience. I am grateful to Kamlesh for improving my physical and spiritual well being through the goodness that is yoga. Namaste”

-Tim Naple

Kamlish is such an inspiring yoga teacher…….not only have I read her book “Feeling at Peace with 108 Yoga Poses”, but I’ve also had the honor of being in one of her yoga video’s.

As a yoga teacher myself – I truly connect with her spiritualism and professionalism. She takes the time to make sure that her students understand the pose and is always very supportive.

I have called Kamlish to sub my yoga classes from time to time. She is there for me and I receive great feedback from my students.
Suzi Shatto Connors

Kamlesh is a great Yoga Teacher, she really helps and guides you through the postures as your learn. Her Thai massage has greatly helped me in lowering my stress levels and improving my general well-being.
– Jeff Perry, Ph.D.

Kamlesh is an amazing Thai massage therapist, she has an intuitive gift for healing.
– Leanna K., RPH

Kamlesh is an amazing spirit both on and off the mat. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy is outstanding. Her personal skills as a yogini are profound. She is a joy to work with and simply be around. I highly recommend all of her services.
– Julie Gengo, Yoga Instructor

Her yoga and meditation practice is like no other I have ever experienced, and her ability to tune in to others’ energy seems so natural.
– John Vallas, San Diego Buisness Plan Award Winner.