How Far Can Yoga Take You?

What better what to know how far you can go than to hear it from your own practitioners in class! Here is what Andrea has to say!

  • Hello my name is Andrea and I am 59 years old.  
  • I have always been very active, raising a daughter on my own and working multiple jobs. 4 years ago my active life style came to a screeching halt as I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  It has affected many of my joints and I had limited mobility.
  • I then found yoga  2 years ago and it has been a lifeline.  I now have full mobility and only suffer minimal pain.  I am bearing weight on all joints and have become much more flexible.  In fact this week I accomplished side planks on both sides!
  • Kam has been a very supportive influence and has always provided options so that I would achieve 100% results. In addition, The classes are always filled with an abundance of positive energy.  Can’t thank her enough.  I am able to position myself in so many poses now and look forward to always achieving more.

Andrea comes in to class like a radiant ball of light but I wasn’t quite sure where it was coming from. One day after class, she came up to share a bit about her journey. I was so excited I asked her if she would be open to sharing it will all of you!

Rheumatoid Arthritis can be quite painful for people and western medicine provides medication for symptoms but no cure. It’s an autoimmune disease that affects over 1 million Americans around ages 30-60 and it is chronic, so thank goodness for YOGA.

In essence, there are many powerful results that yoga practice can achieve in way beyond what you find on Google!  It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

“To those who don’t believe, no proof is possible. To those who believe, no proof is necessary.”

A funny story about intentions that we set at the beginning of class. It shows just how far I have gone in yoga too!

Year after year I always set intentions with a far reach just to see what happens.  Then, I watch them manifest! Early this year I had been setting one on the listing and closing of a house. However, I forgot to be exact about which house, so one is now closing and the other is listed, all in the matter of about 5 weeks! 


I would love to hear all about your journeys with yoga, your intentions that are going to blossom in Spring and what has happened beyond your expectations!
Stay tuned for the beginning of yoga tribe! Fingers crossed and focused mind on April launch. Can’t wait to go inward in our sacred circle soon!  

Happy healthy living!
Kam Minshew

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