Powerful Yoga Vibrations

Powerful Yoga Vibrations

Remember how captivating it is traveling to ancient temples in the far east, South America or other mystical places?  Even in yoga studios where people practice daily, there is a magnetism that starts to build in the atmosphere, generating good vibrations.  The understanding that we are all connected is really evident when we see Mother Nature tuning in to places of harmony. 🙂


Just recently, a remarkable blessing was delivered to us from these awesome birds. I have incredible video footage of the mother feeding the baby. if you would like, I can email it to you!  The picture above shows a plant pot hanging just outside the window of my Thai Yoga Massage studio.  The picture below shows the baby bird eggs that turned into the beautiful birds whom I got to watch fly away.  

It was an inspiring sign from the universe that positive vibrations attract unexpected blessings! Even the plant stayed hydrated enough during the nesting time and is now flourishing.  Yet again, yoga space to the rescue!!  We are a lot like those temples, carrying a vibration in our aura. Those who practice any type of authentic yoga are sure to be a “breath of fresh air” wherever they walk or reside. Not to say there aren’t bad days in the yoga life, they just don’t last as long in our minds after they are actually over.  Just a little voice of encouragement, however long its been since you have been on your mat, so glad its still in your life. 🙂 Happy practicing! For yoga schedule click on link


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Kam Singh, NMT, MA

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