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To keep things fresh in life, its always good to see things from another point of view. Here I am, Sat. Feb. 22nd, 2013, getting a fresh perspecitive in Atlanta, Ga.

Anyone want to come hang out with me here?  Aerial and Cirque Arts- an extraordinary experience!

One of the first things random people say about doing yoga is that they are not flexible. I suppose yoga images of people with their legs wrapped around their ear lobe gives people a particular impression. Then I think to myself, “that’s too bad.” I often tell people that there is a big difference between stretching and doing yoga. Stretching is like drawing a line. The specific goal is to get from “point a” to “point b” and that’s it. Yoga offers so much more than flexibility and in actually letting go of where you are trying to get you often get to a place you never thought you would get!

I have been so amazed at the response to yoga here in Atlanta, Ga. I have barely been here five weeks and I am floored! What an experience in having faith in yoga. To be honest, I was expecting to find a lack of it and yet here is what I have seen. People “get” yoga when they experience the benefits as being much greater than they could have imagined. Then they put their faith in it and all their efforts led to magnificent gain. I had a lady walk up to me this Wednesday in my yoga class. She looked me in the eyes and said to me, “I am 83 years old. I have been doing yoga for about 20 years and I am completely healthy. I have a little trouble hearing but that is it.” Talk about inspiring. She had an inner glow about her too and I thought to myself, that is a woman who has faith in yoga. Funny enough, she was taking class at a gym, not even a yoga studio and it has obviously been working for her.

In Atlanta, people have so much faith in yoga that I have found it in every city I have traveled. There are tons of different highways and cities here each only about twenty minutes apart from each other. It is amazing to see how in each unique neighborhood, there is yoga. In just six weeks, I have managed to begin teaching in places such as the Aerial and Cirque Arts Sky Gym (where performers train on silks and trapeze), retirement homes, chiropractic centers, fitness gyms, yoga studios, corporate yoga and even my own apartment complex (overlooking the beautiful Chatahoochee River.) I have been so immersed in the momentum of it all that I have decided to host the next India Adventure Tour in December this year. People get really visibly excited about yoga here. When I tell them I teach, my business cards seem to fly across the table. It’s awesome to have instant friends and such a warm welcome from everyone. J

These experiences have made me realize that there is tremendous value in having just a little faith in yoga.  Having faith takes people to a place beyond their thoughts. Having faith in yoga takes people beyond what they think they can do, who they think they are, and who they choose to be in their life.
Some yoga students may be trying to figure out how to have faith in yoga when they aren’t sure if it’s working for them. I like to use the metaphor of seed planting. When you plant a seed in the ground, its roots begin to spread underground. During this process, what is happening to the seed might not be obvious or visible. It may even be subtle, or also dependent upon other key factors or fertilizer that will help the seed to grow. With faith, time and patience undoubtedly the seed emerges from the ground, heading upward toward the sky. Each day it builds upon the previous day, finding its self expression, realizing its full potential, deciding which way it wants to direct its path in life, co-creating it with the universe. It seems to me that practicing yoga is much like the journey of the seed. With key elements and a strong foundation, all things will surely sprout.

Most people would agree that the journey of having faith is never what you think it is going to look like. Often times, it’s really hard to see where something is leading. We may be so used to immediate gratification that we want to give up and take the easy path, deep down knowing that we would miss out if we did. Sometimes, we go off the path and then wish we had stayed on it, so we go back to it. You have may found that practicing yoga is much like that at times. We explore different styles, various teachers, perhaps it even takes us to unexpected places, leads us down the abyss and then blasts us into an awesome new unknown. As long as we have faith in yoga it will always deliver us from our ignorance. If our teacher isn’t right or the situation isn’t serving us, it will show us the way to a more supportive place for growth. We just need to trust ourselves, even if it doesn’t match up with what others think or expect. I would love to hear about how having faith in yoga goes for you. Happy journeys.

Kam Singh, MA, RYT

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