21 Day Green Cleanse Attempt


Super Green Cleanse- Day 1

I awake in the morning to the realization that.. I am where I am. Following that comes the moment of self introspection “what’s next?”  A wave of emotions flooded into my mind about how it’s been so long since my organs had a rest.  They know just how many bites I have taken of wheat products, processed foods, dairy filled desserts, airplane  “cloned foods” and other unwise hasty road trip grub from a hectic travel schedule in 2012.  Like a neon flashing light in my 3rd eye, I see a message, “Do Green Detox!.” My reaction is “What? Now? But….!!” And then I shift gears deciding to follow what I know is good for me and listen to the INNER GURU, Intuition, Spiritual Guidance, or whatever that force is that you know is not the random thoughts in your mind. I figure I can at least just to decide to do it and see what happens next.

Off I went to my planner writing in bold letters across the box for May 23, 2013-  DAY 1.  GREEN CLEANSE.  Knowing that action must follow words in order for something to manifest, I ambitiously drove to Trader Joes and Whole Foods to begin my new mission. My focus was to stock my refrigerator so that when I opened it, my green cleanse would be inviting and easy. I managed to do just that.  Luckily, I had time to shop just before my Thai Yoga Stretch client and yoga class I was scheduled to teach. To further support my endeavor, rather than go to the extreme of buying a Vitamix machine or “high end” juicer, I decided to go with an upscale blender. I figure if I invested in it, I would surely use it, knowing me.  J I also concluded if I had the will power to make it work with just a blender, it was surely going to happen.


I have done a couple little cleanses before, like the Master Cleanse  and taken colon cleanse pills. However, thanks to Google I read about the pros and cons of various different detoxes. My friend had lent me a book to read, Lose 21 pounds in 21 days, which sounded extreme, but I read it to see what the focus of the cleansing was. She suggested all greens, no fruits, no proteins.  The key to success is choosing something you think you have a shot at actually being able to do.  I knew that wouldn’t work for me so I designed my own cleanse. I decided that I would do any green vegetables, or other colors including colored potatoes, green super foods that my body likes, such as Spirulina, green salads, green or red lentils, raw nuts, seeds, vinegar dressing, whole fruits, or fruits without added sugars, take the Super Colon Cleanse pills, as directed, and drink lots of filtered water in a bpa free water bottle. So, BAM I began.  Stay tuned for the next blog to see how it goes!



  1. That sounds awesome!! I’m gonna try it when you’re done trying it 🙂

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