Active Yoga for Healthy Kids

Would you like to add more to your child’s life than video games, fast food, and television? Here is the perfect thing to do with any kid… Give them some fun and social activity, active yoga! Yoga is fast becoming a ‘holistic prescription drug’ for adults. It can also be just as effective for children, especially those who want to get in shape and stay there! Most people think of yoga as just stretching, being flexible and seeing if you can touch your toes. Actually, did you know that yoga is an incredible activity for toning the organs, helping to stimulate healthy digestion, sculpt the waist line, increase metabolism, increase focus, reduce stress and more? All of these factors play a vital role in the healthy lifestyle of a child.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics show that children and teens who are obsese have a 70% chance of being obese as adults. Currently about 34% of American Youth are considered to be obese. It appears we as a nation and world need to be providing our youth with more than the couch as an option after school finishes. Sometimes after school activities can be costly, or have other related challenges, like transportation and time constraints. Yoga is something that can be done practically anywhere for free and with a group of people.

Here are 5 simple yoga poses to share with your kids and even their friends. They are simple, short and powerful poses to keep kids on the right track to a happy life!

Quick Yoga Practice #1
active yoga for healthy kids

Plank Pose- hold and balance for 5 breaths, keeping the core strong. It helps tone the abdomen, whole body and increase metabolism.

Quick Yoga Practice #2

active yoga for healthy kids
Downward Dog- Even if the heels don’t touch the floor, just keeping the body in a 45% angle builds upper body strength and lengthens the spine in order to increase energy, decrease stress and get the blood flowing.

Quick Yoga Practice #3
active yoga for healthy kids

Flying Bird Pose- Kids love to see how well they can balance and this is a fun way to help them focus their mind and strengthen will power.

Quick Yoga Practice #4
active yoga for healthy kids

Lunging Monkey Pose- This poses increases body mobility especially in the hamstrings and the hips. It’s great for building skill and success in any sport.

Quick Yoga Practice #5
active yoga for healthy kids

Spinal Twist- This pose helps to remove toxins in the body, which are mainly produced by diet, negative thinking and constant worrying.
By rotating the spine, oxygen and life force (prana) is more deeply circulated through the nerves in the spine as well as the neural pathways in the brain. This can be very uplifting, motiviating and relaxing!

Enjoy your 5 fantastic yoga poses! I would love to hear how it goes!

Namaste, Kam

Author of ‘Feeling Peace with 108 Yoga Poses’,



  1. Cam: love the website and enamored with Yoga for Kids. When I’m not traveling, I’m in your classes, but this is not about me, it’s about my 5-year old grandson. Your website showed me how to introduce him to yoga and tonight we had a blast experimenting with all 5 positions. His favorite? All 5 and we laughed all night long. Grateful to you.

    • Kamlesh says:

      Hi Don,

      I am so happy to hear that! It is fun having you in class and we notice when you’re That’s awesome that your grandson is doing yoga. He is lucky you share that with him..Thanks for reading the posts. Happy travels! Also, I’m leading the Costa Rica yoga adventure tour June 22-29, so see you before or after then.


  2. Kam-
    My kids laughed and giggled their whole way through the first time. BUT they loved it and want to do it again. Thank you for being a great yoga teacher and for introducing this wonderful practice to me and to my family. They are having fun with om and fish face. Om Swa Ha – they will love that next. See you in class. Namaste!

    • Hi Crystal,

      How wonderful that your kids are enjoying yoga!. They are blessed to have a Mom who is practicing yoga both on and off the mat. Your yoga brings inner strength and goodness to your family. It is so wonderful to have your in class.:-) See you soon.:-)

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