Having that healthy lower back!

Did you know in just a few minutes a day you can ease your way into a healthy lower back lifestyle?

Most people wait until they are in some significant measure of pain or discomfort in order to start moving towards some type of stretch plan. In yoga, one way to approach having health is just doing a little bit each day to keep aging symptoms away.

In the video below, a yoga back flow is provided for you to try out. Notice how there are different levels to explore, so be sure to honor where you are. Meet yourself in the moment that you decide to practice, knowing that each day is different than others.

Choosing to take conscious care of your lower back and lower body is a wise option that can save you years of inconvenience in the long run! Besides, yoga posture flows for the lower back can be quite fun, profound to developing your athletic balance and effective at fine tuning the other systems of your body.  The only way to really have time to do what truly matters is to do it.

If you happen to check this out, I would love to hear what you think! Enjoy!

Featuring Yoga Coaches:  Kamlesh Singh , RYT and Mike Sherbakov, RYT








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