Elevate Yourself into Yoga Crow!

Elevate Yourself in Yoga Crow
How are you living lately? 

It is no accident that one of the most empowering poses in Yoga is named Bakasana, in Sanskrit, translating to “Crow Pose”. Research shows that crows score very highly on intelligence tests and are referenced in Eastern philosophy as highly influential beings. In Hindu legend, crows have been considered ancestors and there is even a practice of offering food to crows, during Śrāddha . In the Story of Bhusunda, a Chapter of the Yoga Vasistha, a very old sage, in the form of a crow, was said to have survived several destructions, while living on a wish-fulfilling tree. Crows are often respected in Buddhism and were said to have once protected and cared for the Dalai Lama (see Crow-Wikipedia).


In this very short video, worth watching, myself and Yoga Coach, Mike Sherbakov, CSCS, RYT are demonstrating some variations of Crow Pose transitions. As you see, he is hovering in Crow Pose, which is quite a daring place to be and incredibly empowering! To see how he manages to get there, come check out our EZIA Yoga class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. www.eziahp.com. Another option is shown as I shift into headstand and using balance to lower to plank pose. What is sweet is whatever direction you take, you can always find center from where you are going and meet each other there.


EZIA Yoga Crow
EZIA Yoga Crow

Attempting to get into Crow Pose is always a fun and adventurous part of a yoga class! It often involves a little people watching first and some self “pep talking” to motivate oneself to leave the ground leaning over head first! In fact, I think it is quite refreshing to think of tilting your head towards the earth. It’s like offering the thoughts in your mind to a greater power, Mother Earth and seeing how we can gain from her strength! Sometimes we may spontaneously slip and fall in learning how to support ourselves with our shoulders, chest strength and arm strength. The upper body posture reflects our confidence in ourselves. The shoulder strength we gain compliments our ability to handle responsibilities and challenges that unexpectedly arise. A strong chest leads us inward toward our heart center. Engaging the heart muscle is perhaps the single most important muscle to nurture in our whole body. When we first attempt something new, it offers us an opportunity for self growth. We tend to under estimate what we think we will be able to do.


What is amazing is that often we discover that we are always stronger than we think we are. Life becomes LIVING the moment we decide to take risks. Imagine if instead of saying to each other “how are you doing today?” we asked “How are you living today?” This could also be a great way to prepare for Crow Pose. Just turn to someone and ask, “how are you living today?” A lot of times we don’t even know how we are showing up as until it is brought to our attention. Ask yourself right now, “How are you living today?” Have your tried Crow Pose? and however it works out, there is always something to celebrate. I just came across a beautiful quote I would like to share. “The practices of yoga will help you maintain equanimity in all situations by teaching you to become transparent, able to allow both joy and sorrow to flow through you without destroying your peace of mind.”– Sharon Gannon and David Life.


When we were filming the Yoga Crow Video last week, a very awesome woman at EZIA named Gaelan, who was watching us do the pose just walked over, never having taken a yoga class and attempted to do the pose. Not only that, with Mike and I assisting, she pressed from Crow Pose, all the way up into a Handstand! Imagine seeing that! Realize, you very rarely even have to be in a yoga class to have a yoga experience! When the universe sees true intention, 100% commitment to exploring something, the way is provided. If you have any doubts try it, write me and tell me what happens.


There was a yoga moment I had, not in a yoga class that has truly shaped who I am to this day! I was in a Life Enhancement training, called Personal Success Institute and our instructions were to walk from point A to point B, so I did. Then, we were asked how do you know that you were completely committed to what you were doing? I remember thinking, well I am not sure if I was, maybe I was sort of walking to the spot and then finally got there, etc. Amazingly enough, the Coach said, You know you were completely committed to it because you really did it.If we are not completely committed, we just simply don’t get there. That is just a powerful, simple truth! Sometimes the easiest realizations in our lives and the most life changing.  Have fun with all of it! Thanks for practicing Yoga.



Kam Singh, MA, RYT


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