Hot Yoga that Works

Hot Yoga that Works

Happy Summer Solistice!

A Vedic astrologer whom I recently met with was mentioning that the best time to absorb Vitamin D from the sun would be early morning and around sunset. The sun’s rays today have become quite powerful and it helps to be aware of how best to be in syncronicity with nature. Something as selfless as nature can burn us if we are blind to the wisdom it offers.

If you made it to the Amma program in Atlanta this month, then no words are needed to describe just how off the charts it was!  I will be doing some volunteer yoga and chair massage at the new Amma Center in Atlanta for charity fundraisers.  Details to follow.

MA Center Atlanta :
4946 Shiloh Rd Cumming, GA  30040,
website : macenter-atlanta.
PH (770) 309-6268

There were many great metaphors Amma shared at the events this past weekend and I would like to share one of my favorite. It brought to light how heavy burdens can become, the longer we carry them around. She invited us to imagine we were carrying around a cup of coffee. However, what would happen if we did not put it down? That one cup would become heavier and heavier the longer we carried it.

I equated this to a task that we have to complete that we know our soul is quietly protesting against us working on and yet we manage to continue to drag ourselves through the journey. Even saying hello as soon as we see others involved in our task can have a loaded emotion behind it, especially if it’s Monday!  We often stare at the clock hour by hour, looking forward to the time when our souls can feel free and limitless again. Putting something down, letting it go, is a way to let our souls breathe. The prana we gain from feeling unattached nourishes us for all of eternity! When we decide we are ready we either gather the momentum to complete our mission or simply walk away from it with no remorse. We can do it, no matter how limited we think we may be. If New York can make this happen, then we can take the inspiration and roll with it!


By practicing Hot Yoga, we integrate the act of letting go!  There is so much that we are releasing in those asanas, when we sweat. Hot yoga does not have to be 100 degrees or more or the kind where you move so fast your not even sure what you did when class is finished. Hot yoga that works is focused, concentrated, connected yoga where your mind knows that your body is moving in just the right way to make you cleanse your pores, your organs, and most of all your mind. It is the willful act of starting a fire in your body so that you can transmute the energy that is no longer serving you and step into the greatness of your life!

The chemical imbalances in our body pollute our mind. As we eliminate those through our asana practice, we achieve that inner liberation our soul seeks, even if its just for a sacred few minutes!  Inward Hot yoga can also be exercises to cool the mind or clear the mind. When we focus at the point between our eyebrows, Ajna Chakra, we also strengthen the agni, fire in the navel chakra and we develop more discernment. We open to Divine healing through the fire we build inside our mind, which becomes a powerful flame the more we practice.

Our yoga tribe for June was an awesome group of people.

The next yoga meditation group date is set for
Wed. July 26th at 7:00pm
Please RSVP via email if you are interested in attending.
We start with some seated yoga poses, breathing, guided meditation, crystal bowl healing sounds and social time with refreshments. 

The new LA Fitness in Roswell, with a fancy buildout, state of the art equipment, sound system and more is now open!  I have adjusted my yoga schedule to fit in a new class at that location. During the week days, I am either doing private massages or teaching at Atlanta School of Massage. No matter what, there is no stopping me from meeting you on the mat. It’s what I was born to do, so I will see you there!!


Monday- Merrill Gardens Senior Center  10:00-11:00am
class for residents and or guests of residents

Friday LA Fitness Sandy Springs 8:30-9:30am
6690 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs, GA  30328

Friday LA Fitness Roswell 11:00-12:00pm
(scheduled to start July 28th- check with gym)

Sun LA Fitness Roswell 11:00am-12:00pm
1045 Woodstock Rd Roswell, GA  30075

Kam Minshew, MA, NMT

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