101 year old Yoga student

CO20130925_153658NGRATULATIONS! and¬†yoga birthday blessings to Sue Bess Robison for an amazing journey with yoga! ūüôā

You never know¬†who is going to turn up in yoga class!¬† I¬†currently teach a¬†Chair Yoga class at the ATRIA Senior Living Center in Buckhead, Atlanta.¬† To my amazement Ms. Sue¬†Robison attended class.¬†¬†There she sat with such a sweet demeanor and a look of fascination on her face!¬†¬†She wheeled her chair up to me after our hour long class, for a precious¬†and inspiring yoga chat.¬† Doesn’t she look incredible,¬†for just turning¬†101 years old on Sun. Sept. 29th, 2013? I was so inspired by her that she gave me permission to write about her in my yoga blog. Thank you Sue for serving as an inspiration for so many people.¬† Lately, I’ve been showing her picture to some other yoga students at senior living centers and it makes them feel so good about what they are doing.

She told me that she had previously studied yoga¬†with a Professor at Emory University, a top notch school here in Atlanta, GA.¬† One of her favorite parts of yoga is the spirituality.¬† She likes how the meditation and deep breathing accesses the healing energy within our being.¬† Although all the styles can be very different, she feels that the most effective style of yoga is the type that allows for the interpersonal connection with the Higher Self.¬† I was thinking to myself, as she was speaking, “what an incredibly wealthy woman, who has such an awesome message to share with people.

Often, it takes awhile of practicing to notice that yoga can access the deeper wave of love, dwelling within us. The easiest change to notice and rejoice about is the fitness it gives to the body. Once the prana, “life force” starts to build, we notice a shift in our aura, energy field that keeps us rooted in our practice.¬† When this happens, yoga has woven itself very elegantly into our daily lives and shines through every smile we give to anyone we meet. ūüôā It shows in those at the Senior Living Centers, enjoying the simple yoga flow that adds brightness to their day.

Sue is so full of live and love! She happily shared that she gets on Skype weekly to talk to her son, all the way in Nepal, where he lives as a Buddhist monk. In his spare time he teaches English to the natives and enjoys his rewarding path.  Sue loves how she can see pictures of him on Skype and feels that they are closely connected. Her son sounds like a wonderful young man who is very adoring of his mother. She mentioned how he sends her gem stone jewelry that she loves to wear.

20130925_154148It is a common belief on the yoga path that certain gem stones can support the well being of a person’s life. The type of gem stones that are auspicious for a person to wear are determined by their Vedic astrology chart. Vedic astrology and Ayurveda can also be part of practicing yoga, designed to assist one’s spiritual evolution. ¬† The stone jewelry that Sue is wearing is turquoise. I have a couple of amazing red coral stones from Nepal, which have quite a presence when you look at them.¬† I included a picture of the turquoise bracelet that she was wearing.¬† Next week, she plans on showing me some of the other gem stone jewelry that she wears.

Turquoise is known as a stone of protection, dating back as early as 5,000 B.C. Indian priests used it in ceremonies where they invoked the Great Sky Spirit.  It is said to protect against possessions, attacks, loss, and falls. It is recommended for mental relaxation and releasing anxiety. (Ref. www.crystalvaults.com). There are other healing stones which I have had awesome experiences with such as Amethyst, Crystal, hematite, yellow sapphire, green emerald and more. Whether it is the belief we infuse into these gems, or a combination and gem power and mind power, whatever works is what matters in the end. If you have any great gem stories, feel free to share. Also, I wonder how many yoga fans out there plan on practicing yoga as long as they are able to attend classes? I think the oldest living yoga teacher and students are worthy of being on a TIME magazine cover.


Blessings to everyone on the path!  May we all meet in the center, sharing Love, Light and Peace.  Namaste.  Kam Singh




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