April 2012- Rock Your Yoga to the Core!

How has your spring activity been lately; energizing or much to be desired? Chances are if you have been working your core, there is more exciting risk in your life than you can keep up with! I have never seen such fascinating discoveries in my fitness until I started really focusing on what is possible from focusing on our 3rd chakra- Manipura- Sanskrit meaning “Lustrous Gem”, English, Solar Plexus Chakra. This is quite a point of conversation for most people, regarding how to sculpt the abdomen, while still integrating some desserts and delicious entrees into daily food intake! It is often challenging for most people to reach a point of contentment in the abdominal area and it requires tremendous will power! Ironically, that determination is one of the most incredible benefits of developing deep core strength.


I used to tell myself that people with amazingly sculpted abdomens were really genetically blessed. Then, guess what, I started to notice that the people who were really committed to results were the same ones working those areas consistently and making a daily choice to continue that lifestyle!


Lately, I have been taking regular conditioning classes at the amazing EZIA Human Performance Training Center. www.eziahp.com. At first I thought of it as a whole fitness entity, another world of its own that perhaps I would just “get my feet a little wet in.” After being blown away by my first few classes, I have started taking classes regularly and focusing on my really building my core strength! I realized that I had been really missing that in my yoga practice.

For many years, like most people my yoga practice has been centered around stretching, improving flexibility, getting a good sweat going and breath flowing to increase prana, life force energy. Ashtanga Yoga does a great job of integrating Uddiyana Bhanda- the flying bandha, where practitioners are guided to contract the muscles of the navel center, pulling them in and up, then moving the legs with that strength engaged. This allows people to do jump throughs and as you can see in the featured headstand video above have intense strength in inversions, control of body movement and deeply focused energy.


In my classes and in my own practice, I have been infusing more abdominal conditioning in my yoga classes and emphasizing more on pulling the navel in and up, bringing intense energy to the solar plexus. To my amazement, today I found myself swinging on a pull up bar, almost into a swing flip, using the strength of the abs and doing pull up exercises, that I never thought were possible! I know some of you may be thinking, “great, have fun with that Kam and do some for me.” Well, you know what I am thinking, I wouldn’t be writing this article if I didn’t think that it applied to everyone, no matter where they are in their lives! Even if you are pregnant, there are ways to strength the abdomen. I have seen this first hand, as I have just recently starting to teach Pre-Natal Yoga and have been working with this idea in class.


The first thing that you might notice, is what is in your way. Let’s make this easy; identify excuses. Give yourself some time to “carry on” about the how and why and the lack of importance core training has compared to all the other things in your life. Then, when you choose to be willing, re-visit the idea of rocking your yoga to the core! Come check out a Free Training Class at EZIA and a free yoga class taught by Yoga Coaches, Kam Singh and Mike Sherbakov every Tues. at 6:30pm. If you are still not convinced, I will personally work with you so you can experience how the navel center has a direct effect on your daily energy level, attitude about success, level to which you achieve your goals, and the direct impact it has on people in your daily life!!


In working your yoga from the core, the holistic idea is not to develop perfect looking abs, it is to discover the core power that is a perfect expression of you and what you are all about! Integration of your core strength in yoga allows you to connect the dots in the other areas of your life, so that you can truly have what you say it is you want. Namaste.  Would love to hear how it goes!



Kam Singh 


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