Costa Rica Yoga and Adventure Tour – Travelers Tales

20130623_094202For years the thought of being in Costa Rica bubbled around in my mind, like a bouncy ball floating from one brain cell to the next. My obstacles were the typical concerns;  money and time.  As with everything, I put my faith that it would happen somehow in the magnificent universe, aka, God, or the Higher Force in existence.  Sometimes I think the universe must be really busy because it can take so long for something you want so badly to manifest. When I’m in a negative space, I wonder if the universe is cruel and dwell on why it doesn’t fulfill people’s wishes who are really suffering. Most of the time, I hang out in positive vibrations and places where the conscious energy is uplifting.

The blessing came through a beautiful surprise I discovered on my very first tour I lead to India in Dec. 2012-Jan. 2013. It just so happened that two friends of mine on the tour, Bob and Ari had lived there and were talking about what a beautiful country it is. I shared how exciting it would be to lead a yoga and adventure tour there and that was the beginning of a dream about to manifest!  I could clearly see that the universe answers wishes based on divine timing and particular things falling into to place.  There we were enjoying some of India’s amazing food and chai, creating the next Yoga Vortex adventure tour. 😉  We decided on June 2013 and before we knew it there we were, Ari and I in Costa Rica, leading a tour together making that 3 foreign countries we have traveled together; India, China and Costa Rica.

20130624_085817In June, we stayed in a cozy vacation rental on Playa Portrero Beach, Guanacaste.  It is located about 90 minutes south of Liberia airport, 60minutes if you drive like an ambitious American and that was our group. J   One thing that really stood out to me, besides “jungle driving” itself in an SUV was the anything goes mentality. It reminded me of India, except in a different way. People appear very care free in just about every facet of life. We would be driving along a major highway at 100km per hr (about 62miles per hr) and come across locals who were stopped right on the highway. They seemed to have parked on the two lane highway just to chat with each other. Meanwhile the cops would leisurely drive by like it was an ordinary custom of the neighbors.  Of course, it made us laugh, as we tried to picture that in California on I-5 or in Atlanta on the 285 interstate. As we whirled around them to avoid a collision, it was great that we were in an SUV to handle the pot holes that sent us flying off our car seats.

20130624_181615The tropical climate was a perfect setting for us to enjoy the abundant selection of local grown produce at the many fruit stands set up along the main roads.  It was extraordinary to experience how a Costa Rican coconut rivals the ones in Thailand and India. The sweetness is indescribable and something every human should experience.  The pulp on the inside is full of vitamins, nutrients, digestive enzymes.  In fact, it is possible to live on eating just coconuts daily.  If only we could take a college class on coconut chopping. I would be all over it! Next, we went to Rincon de la Vieja, a national park full of volcanic geological wonders and lush tropical forests.  I will be sharing about the magnificent discoveries in the next blog.






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