Day 1-Day 3 Die Hard Determination

DAY 1 – DAY 3 Die Hard Determination


We all have it in us; die hard determination.  However, we tend to muster it up in varying degrees depending on how motivated we are about something. As a Yoga Instructor, I see it as essential that “ I walk my talk” because having integrity is a palpable magnetic force that connects people together.  The cost of my green cleanse groceries was pretty similar to my weekly grocery bill so that was one obstacle conquered!  Luckily, the blender was on sale, I call that “syncronicity” and have gratitude to Target. J Breakfast was so amusing to conjure up.  It varied over these few days to creative smoothie inventions. It was typically some combination of Hemp Seed Milk which my body loves, fresh fruits, such as bananas, apples, oranges, with spirulina pills, and water.  My lunch was typically an awesome green salad combination of different lettuce, kale, spinach, with olives, avocado, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinegar dressing, and mostly organic.  Smoothies in between main meal times were so much fun to experiment with.  I blended some interesting things, like apple, carrot, ginger, garlic and water. I did let my yoga class know about the garlic part before I began class. They thought it was cool, so we were all good there. J

Since I believe in strength training the body regularly and having an efficient amount of muscle content, I wanted to ensure my complete needs. While taking a colon cleanse pill, I also added a probiotic to support my immune system and good bacteria.  Since I am sensitive to dairy, I purchased a non-dairy one from whole food. Another essential part of my plan was satisfying my protein needs. I was conscientious about having celery sticks with organic peanut butter, as snacks and for dinner was sure to cook lentils.  From reading extensively about nutrition, I get how vital spices are to the body and being from Indian culture, having grown up eating Indian food, I can say I am so glad to have had that

I prepared my red or green lentils with Indian spices, most of which have anti cancerous properties.  In my dahl dish, which translates to cooked lentils with Indian spices, I included things such as olive oil, cumin seed, mustard seed, bay leaves, garlic, onion, sea salt, black pepper and ginger powder. For cleansing, I left out the typical spicy red chilies to allow my body to have mellow foods and somewhat bland, meditative type foods which support the clearing of the mind.  I saved the lentil dish for the evenings to give my body ample time to digest after the end of the day of teaching yoga, light strength training or medium tempo Zumba class. Taking the am and pm Super colon cleanse pills along with the green foods intake made it so much more empowering. I could really feel my body begin to feel lighter and naturally have more energy. I did include green tea daily since I had to teach 6:30am yoga classes on one day and those of you in that class know I needed it.  Green Tea has antioxidants which supports the body cleanse and it gave me an extra smile when my co-worker teased me about my awesome “bed head hairdo.” 3 days in and I am on fire.  Yes!! It is working. Thank you Divine Universe!

And..about you? Thinking about it for 1 day or 2….any attempts yet?

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