Exploring Rinco de la Vieja

Expressing good yoga qualities, our group responded well to the rise and shine request, up at 6am on big adventure days.  After a few hours of rugged outback driving, some life threatening attempted passes on blind turns, and dodging apparently stoned drivers on the road, we arrived at our destination.  In any group tour, it is always a saving grace to have options. As much as I wanted to go ziplining, my instincts told me to go on the hike. Angie and Jon raved about how much fun the ziplining was because they got to go rappling and rock climbing also. We shared some epic pictures of our unusual finds that we didn’t even know existed as we trekked through the incredible jungle.

20130625_123654 20130625_122246 In the back of my mind were the stories I heard about how common scorpions and spiders are.  Also, flashing across my mind were the poisonous snakes to be aware that were on display at the visitors center. The lady recommended we take a picture of the trail map which I did, with my smart phone, only I took it upside down and didn’t notice, lol. That is why it is good not to hike alone and to have a smart phone with you with GPS tracking. J How awesome is it that the US phones work in Costa Rica and so funny to have text messages from the US pop up suddenly while exploring some extraordinary trail in the jungle! It didn’t seem to bother our green friend, whom I have featured below. He, I think, was busy chilling out on a rock and was open to being photogenic for the camera. I love the way my life flowed from green detox to green friends. There are other beautiful variations of green lizard people too and we were lucky to catch a glimpse of.

20130625_121441The most unique natural wonder I have seen all year was the oozing mud springs. The sulphur hot springs were a sight to behold and smell, especially as the steam blasted out of the ground at us right next to the caution signs. Yet, the popping mud bubbles were video worthy. Not sure about being able to post the video of it, but definitely the pictures can somewhat portray the wonder. Staring at it was like looking at another planet and contemplating was it really possible in the entire universe, besides human beings living on planet earth.


20130625_13074520130625_115443The most touching moment was Ari finding the one and only dragon fruit which seemed to be sitting there waiting for her to find. It was hidden inside a cactus plant which only she noticed and recognized as a rare fruit. Apparently, it is pollinated by bats and blossoms only a few times a year. The process of pollination is quite delicate and requires just the right combination of heat and water for the fruit to grow to its full capacity. This fruit is rich in fatty acids like Oleic, Linolenic, and Palmitic. It is packed with delicious juice and has a striking color.  There are possible hundreds of hikers daily that travel the trail we explored and she was the only one who found it. When we showed it to the staff at the park restaurant and asked for a knife, they marveled at it. They mentioned how unusual it was for her to find that and were excited for her. Later, she told me that it was her mom’s favorite fruit. Knowing how dear her mother is to her, and that she has left her body somewhat recently, I was moved. It seemed like she was saying hello.

Natives say the jungle is full of medicine; that is comes in all forms and unexpected. Agreed. Story ahead- Riding the waves.


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