Finding “The One”

finding-the-yoga-oneSome people wonder if they will find “The One.”  After some time they may decide that there are many ones.  That is probably true and also there is still “The One.” “The One ” can be a clear reflection of our highest attributes, our level of consciousness, and a compassionate mirror of everything less than that.  For years, I had many entertaining conversations with a dear friend around the ridiculous suffering involved in finding the right relationship!  Then, one day his life illuminated. Along came “The One.”  Soon to follow, yoga baby, Kalea was born to two loving spiritual parents.

Kalea is the youngest “Yogini” I know in my life. She has already received the rare blessing of meeting a Yoga Master, Amma ( recently in Los Angeles this June.  She is a clear reflection of Yoga Mastery, natural, receptive, trusting and loving.  She one of my best reminders, role models and vision of how yogis in their journeys aspire to re-awaken.

We all start out as yoga babies, embodiments of the very one that we seek. Then stress happens, impacting our mental well being. The impact of adversity often chips away at our peace of mind, typically unconsciously for most people.   The world reacts to our pain by saying “move on”, “stay busy”, “be the best”, or buy something that makes you feel better. We go to school for answers, guidance and tools.  Then we get lots of standardized tests, text book learning and homework that neglects our mental/emotional need for nourishment.  What our world does need is more ways to re-connect, to “The One” that we were born reflect.  In this way, we would be clear and comforting to each other, anchors of support, sensitive and tuned in to what really matters.

We are all still yoga babies that can shift back to our natural essence at any time. Even if we never take classes or go to yoga studios, it is all right there around us, like a radio station just waiting to be turned on.  Yet, what are we tuning it to, is it the commercials, the latest marketing launches, or the calling deep within? It seems that in society today, there is growing evidence of every man for himself and it is easy to forget about oneness.  In my recent yoga training with world renowned Yoga Teacher, Saul David Raye, he shared a quote which was deeply moving.  “Throughout the universe, there’s a network of wires stretching to infinity. The horizontal wires are placed in space, the vertical in time.” Everywhere these wires cross each other, there’s an individual and every individual is a crystal bead.  The big light of the Infinite ONE enlightens and penetrates each crystal bead. And every crystal bead reflects not only the light of all other crystals in the network, but also every other reflection from all corners of the Cosmos.”- Rigveda (Yoga Source Text)

Each time I read this, it speaks something different to me.  What I take from this at present, is that true yoga can take birth or death in us at any given point in our existence. We can become as pure as a yoga baby or withered and weary from the trials of our minds. Either way, it is up to us to one day return to our crystal nature. Our crystal nature is just like the yoga babies we see in the world; the pure reflection of Infinite Love. Our yoga shows up in our lives each day. It is always greeting us in Infinite ways and forms.   It can be as grand “The One” we find, or the one thing we do each day that keeps us in Conscious existence.   Ultimately,  it is “The One” that fulfills us through eternity, deep in the heart of all our experiences of love.  May we take the precious life we have now and live as one!

Peace, light and love,
Kamlesh Singh

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