Focus is Tested

Day 4-7 Staying Focused is Tested


Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as tough as I had imagined. I had not yet seen any drastic differences, so that was all the more reason for me to keep going. From eating gluten, I tend to get a puffy abdomen in reaction to that food allergy. It still felt to me that my digestive system hadn’t yet reached its efficiency so I decided to keep going. I saw how much easier it was to stick to a diet when you are cooking for yourself. If you don’t put yourself in an environment where you are tempted, the tendency to fail or cheat is much less.  I was enjoying my smooth sailing until Monday, May 27th rolled around, Memorial Day, which was Day 5.

Prior to this, my friends and I had decided to do a barbeque grill. Of course, there were lots of amazingly seasoned meats around, with all the special spice seasonings and ones that I have eaten before, like grilled salmon and grilled chicken.  The smell of them cooking on the grill was one thing. Then people eating their meals fresh off the grill and talking about how good everything tasted was a challenge for my focused mind to say the least. I managed to get by with some yummie veggie kabobs and even shared them with people. Since pineapple has great digestive juices, I combined that with various colors of grilled peppers and mushrooms. That was awesome and I was glad I got to enjoy that partial bbq feast.

I got so excited by Day 7 because I could visually see that some body sculpting was slowly taking shape. Slowly but surely with health and fitness is the sure key to transformation. What was amazing to me was that I started to see some changes in my lower abdomen, a place where my body likes to hold weight.  It was also a place that I thought I needed to have an eating disorder to ever alter. My friend who just graduated with her Masters degree in Nutrition had just told me about the power of organic Apple Cider Vinegar for cleansing unwanted adipose tissue, so I started using it.  I thought about the idea of 2 more weeks of my cleanse and told myself to keep going just to see what happened.


My best motivation yet was when a Fitness Trainer and dear friend who promised to keep my information confidential tested my body fat percentage, body mass index and hydration level. To my surprise, I was lower than I had ever been since I was in college, “way back in the day”. I was an athlete then, to give you an idea of how exciting the results were. That was an intense motivation to keep on the path I was on to see where it would lead.  In the suggested diet, it was recommended that a person limit their exercise to hiking type activities and yoga. However, I like to be very active and kept up my strength training as well as zumba cardio almost as much as usual. It was inspiring to see that I had the energy for it due to a consistent schedule of eating at least the minimum of what my body needed for the lifestyle I was living.

It helped me to understand more about holding prana, life force energy in your body, not just muscle mass, or adipose tissue or fluids. There is a lightness of being that comes with a cleanse. If you want to know more about that presence, I invite you to try it out for yourself and email me if I can be of further support. More exciting news ahead!

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