From Halfway to Homestretch

Day 11-14 From Halfway toward Homestretch

20130602_145325Sunday is quite often a day of strength. Ruled by the Sun, it represents the masculine vital life force, also called Yang, the energy of doing and achieving. In contrast is Monday, influenced by the moon, the feminine life force, known as Yin, the space of being, recharging and refreshing. I am not sure how the days can go by so fast doing seemingly “nothing”. However, Atlanta is much more relaxed living that typical lifestyle in California, so the day seems to go by effortlessly even when you plan to do nothing.

For Monday, Day 12, I changed my standard smoothie to Hemp Seed Milk, coconut water, papaya, banana and fresh organic blueberries with Spirulina pills. I also added in my favorite vitamin which is an actual whole foods multivitamin by New Chapter. The concept is that the whole food in the pill is more easily absorbed by the body and doesn’t have any chemicals in it from being processed into a pill. I tested it to see how easily it breaks down by dropping the vitamin into a glass of water. It immediately started to disintegrate which I found convincing and I notice energy boosts when I take them. My body was telling me it was time to integrate in the multi-vitamin to further support my results.

20130603_154803Also, while doing the colon cleanse I incorporated a non dairy probiotic to add extra support to my immune system, since I wasn’t getting the acidophilus and bifidius cultures from dairy.  It has seemed to agree with my digestive tract which is a good thing, being that it is more sensitive during this cleanse.  I had continued to notice access to a different kind of energy, lighter and more flowing.  I know it will be nice when I do eat other forms of protein again. At the same time, I have really enjoyed this relaxation for the organs. It’s amazing how much you notice when something is gone what a difference it can cause in your life.  I am guessing I won’t revert back to wheat filled desserts or cookies because my non-dairy dark chocolate works like magic. The one treat, dark chocolate, I kept having throughout has been satisfying to my psychological craving for sweets. :-0

Some people are able to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle for years. However, they may use soy as a substitute for protein, or dairy and/or wheat products. I can’t imagine myself being a vegetarian with no soy, no dairy, no wheat, no processed sugars or processed foods and with a very active lifestlyle. What works is finding something in between that may not be everything you desire, but is manageable for a higher purpose or intention to achieve.  There are all kinds of people in the world that coexist. I have even met a breatharian- who derives her energy from the sunlight. I touched her to make sure she was flesh and bone and it all checked out. Books and people can tell you all kinds of things and ultimately deep down we all know what we should do.  Of course, there are lots of people that like to tell you what you should do and how wrong or right you are. The best thing to do is take that advice or leave it right where it is.

I remember during my share about cleansing, one participant in yoga class boldly disputed my opinion about needing more protein sources besides nuts, butters and lentils.  She was very strong about her opinion that any vegan or vegetarian can do intense strength training, cardio, teach yoga and whatever else as much as anyone else can, for indefinite amounts of time. In my experience, while that may be true for some people, I struggle with depleted energy after intense strength training, if I am not consuming dairy products, animal proteins (like egg), soy based products, and other proteins. At the same time, I think practicing a vegetarian diet and the “ahimsa” of non violence is awesome and potentially an ideal lifestyle!  Rather than get into the dispute, I simply said everyone needs to do what is right for their body type. Then I closed my eyes, centered myself and began to lead the opening meditation.  I use that example to share that whatever you decide, there will always be people challenging you that you are wrong or right. Ultimately, what is right is what is right for you. Whatever works or doesn’t work, there is a reason for it. I would like to share one message that I live by, when I attended a workshop by the famous Byron Katie. Someone asked “how do you know what is meant to happen?”  Paraphrasing her answer, “…because it is what is. That is what is happening.”  The way to know who you are is to test yourself.

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