Getting More from Yoga

Supported Downward Dog

Happy Fall Equinox! What a beautiful season we have ahead!  This season we begin with new insights on sharing to create more from yoga practice. In kindergarten, sharing was part of our natural tendency. In elementary school, we were taught not to talk to strangers. In junior high, we are advised not to trust everyone we meet, and then in high school, we indulge in competition and see the rewards we get for winning, versus sharing. In college, what we learned in Kindergarten seems like a lifetime away, until we find ourselves asking, “now what?”, “now, how can I get more out of my life?” Funny enough, we may find ourselves enrolling in “Life Coaching “courses that offer extraordinary experiences, leading us back to the concept of sharing in ingenious ways.

Sharing is a key component of yoga practice, as it allows us to fully engage in our practice. We cannot integrate all parts of our being if we find ourselves holding back from risking, disassociating with our emotions in our body, emphasizing making our practice look perfect instead of authentic and worrying about what others will think or expect of us. What is fascinating is that in yoga, we are often removing the layers of baggage as we move from posture to posture, slowly returning to the mindset we had in childhood. When we are sharing in yoga, we are freely expressing ourselves in our natural state of being, which creates space for other people to do the same. Even as Yoga Teachers, we are simply sharing what we know, offering what we perceive as possibly useful to others. That’s it.

As adults we tend to weigh the odds, we ask ourselves things like, “is what we have to give worth it for me? worth my time and money? will I be able to afford it? and what will I get? As children, we don’t analyze what the results of our efforts will be or try to control the outcome before deciding to move forward with our decision. In youth, we naturally operate from the idea that it is o.k. We don’t think about what happens if there is none left.  As adults, we can choose to come from a place of abundance and self empowerment. In this space, we can create new ways of contribution to ensure that our needs are met and we are able to continually share our blessings.

The more yoga we practice, the more sharing becomes a direct outcome of our well being. We find ourselves naturally wanting to share because the positive energy we generate from our yoga practices begins to overflow towards others. Rather than take from others because we think they have more than us or feel threatened, we reach out and support them in what they don’t have. We cultivate a genuine desire to want to contribute, acknowledge and give to those in our social circles. Many people are practicing yoga off of the yoga mat have the ability to share profoundly with others.

This month, I have selected through Landmark Wisdom course the initiative of sharing. It’s been a phenomenal social experiment. I have been simply sharing from a place of inner freedom without being stopped by thoughts in my mind such as, what will people think, or that’s ridiculous, or you will appear strange, or they won’t care. It’s been my focus to share something with people I find myself in conversation with and then really listen to what they have to share back. It’s been an amazing yoga practice to connect with someone in such an effortless way! In fact, it’s been a much more liberating experience than just ordinary conversation and I’ve discovered that people are really amazing when you take the time to really notice people’s self expressions. Not only that, I have seen that they start sharing with others and that leads to incredible things that would have not otherwise occurred!   I invite you all to try on the practice of “sharing” an experience or an insight in conversation in your daily life and see how it goes for you. My guess is it will expand your experience of yoga, but you will have to let me know if that is true or not.


Kam Singh, MA, RYT



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