Happy July 4th and End to Cleanse!

Day 19-Day 21 End to Cleanse!!

20130623_094459It is interesting to notice how my mind has worked in the past.  Sometimes when people actually fear success there is a tendency to want to sabotage an accomplishment, right before it is about to happen. Yoga philosophy is based on self awareness, observing the thoughts of the mind without reacting to them, which is actually a form of meditation.  I found myself practicing this form of active meditation a lot as I was completing the last few days. In spite of feeling tired and cranky from fatigue of unpredicted stress, I simply decided that I was going to complete this mission no matter what!

I did some introspection and reflected on the times when I had been close to something and gave up. They have been things like waiting in a line for event tickets and leaving or driving somewhere new and risky, but turning around and deciding not to go.  I tuned into the feeling of wondering with frustration about what would have happened if I had stayed or stuck it out just for a little longer.  I credit my yoga practice over the last 12 years for strengthening my ability not to give in to my superficial desires or wanting of immediate sense gratification.  I have learned to put in genuine time and effort to craft the bigger picture in my life of what I say I really want, instead of saying that I just can’t do it. Yoga practices have not only given me incredible blessings that I could not have foreseen but also led me to places of possibility that I didn’t think I could be available to me.

I noticed my dreams too over this 21 days and saw how the body cleanse was also a mind cleanse. In my dreams I saw people that I had allowed to intimidate me or make me feel less than and I faced them head on.  When we can see people from where they are coming from, perhaps what has shaped them to be the way they are, then it is much easier not to take things personally.  In my dream state, I could see a deeper state of consciousness present. In the Yoga Sutras, it is explained that one who practices yoga develops a deeper intuitive and sense ability, awakening the sharpness of one’s intellect and many more things.  It has been really refreshing to experience “the self” as an intricately deep connection of all layers of a human being; the physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and ethereal fields of energy.

On Day 21, I celebrate the rejuvenation of my entire being and am grateful for all the support, seen and unseen that led to my success in the longest and most intense detox I have ever done. I am so excited to hear about my friends around me that have also joined the momentum. Great job Carol, Zumba Teacher, Laura, Zumba and all those of you who are doing a secret cleanse and keeping the revelations to yourself. ;-).  A great Yoga Master named Amma has a saying, “We are never alone. God is always with us.” I get what she is saying and how we can managed to do what we deeply doubt in the beginning.   Thank you Yoga Masters for your Infinite Grace now and always.  Our body is our sacred temple, as taught in yoga. How we treat it determines how well we aligned to the bliss we were born to experience.  Heartfelt good wishes to you on your yoga journey. 

HAPPY JULY 4TH everyone!

We are so lucky and blessed to live the life we have in the US. Thanks to everyone who makes our freedom possible ! BIG LOVE and APPRECIATION!!!  Have fun!  






  1. carol Miller says:

    thanks for the compliment really enjoyed the yoga class the goal is to cont coming…

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