Hello world! Thanks for reading my blog!

Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying your first day of daylight savings time! I was just at a Surprise Birthday Party this weekend. Those are so much fun! If you have never been to one, or held one for a friend, I highly suggest it. It is such a beautiful way to bring people together and celebrate good times. Spring is the perfect season for celebrations and new life.

Spring is all about new beginnings! Are you excited yet?  It is the time when the risks we take, seeds we plant, so to speak, start their life journey!  So, were you “farming”at all this winter, or creating any New Year Visions? It’s a great time to visit that. Whatever awesomeness we have in our lives usually comes from whatever we decide to create.  What I have created for myself this year is The Landmark Wisdom course, which is an entire 9 month course of life enhancement, access to top notch life coaching and a support team, like a dream team that listens for who you are and holds you to your intentions!

Sounds a little scary, right? Yes, its scary good, like a fun roller coaster ride.  As part of my reaching out and sharing new beginnings with the world, I thought I would share that with you! How about you? Up to any adventures this year? Any way I can support you in  your journey?  Happy to be staying connected!  Namaste!

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