June Yoga2012- Destroy your Doubts!


A lot of us don’t realize how much we doubt ourselves.  We often make decisions by playing it safe and live life not knowing all that we could really enjoy. We settle for what is commonplace or what society tells us we should be satisfied with because it is good enough and better than most. On top of that, we know that we are more fortunate than most people in the world, so why should be bother considering something better? Do we then make it wrong to want something more magnificent than our current lives?


Let’s say we take a step towards greater fulfillment and we strive towards manifesting a more incredible life than this! Chances are one of our first feelings we will experience is doubt. We may say to ourselves, What if this? What if that? I don’t know if I can do it… I can’t ….. That would be crazy! How will I ever…. There is no way I…… Should I…… ? Could I……?  How would I ever……? I want to but, I feel so scared. I doubt I will have the support I need. The force of doubt has many faces all of which are menacing! Now ask yourself this question, how many times has doubt gotten the best of me? Be honest. How many times a week does doubt get the best of me? How many times a day does doubt get the best of me?


One aspect of the Yamas (the 1st limb of the Eight Fold Path of Yoga) based on Vedic teachings that deals with self doubt is Dhriti- not being fearful or stuck in indecision. We examine our mental response to inner dialogue that goes on within us. In getting clear about what is running our minds, we can get free from its grip. It takes consistent practice like anything in order to make something happen naturally for us.


One of the best ways to practice destroying doubt is through the 3rd limb of the Yoga Path, Asana- Yoga Postures. When practicing a yoga flow we see right in front of us how we react to our doubts and how much they can get the best of us. When we attempt a balance pose, a strength pose, or any scary pose, our mind starts to become “unglued”. We either respond by retreating, as in not even attempting to explore the posture or we may reluctantly try it, not truly trusting our capabilities. After several attempts to confront our doubts, we take more risk and even enjoy a sense of challenging ourselves. If we watch someone fall trying something or get injured we may then tell ourselves we were right. The truth is most of us would rather be right than look bad, make mistakes, or venture too far outside our comfort zone. Without judging any of that process, it is fascinating to see how much that actually keeps us from having ultimate fulfillment!


I recently learned a huge lesson in doubt which required me to be absolutely ruthless with myself, which has been years of yoga practice in the making! Had it not been for being so adamant about getting beyond my long term lack of Faith, I doubt I would be where I am now. (wink). Some very juicy details are being omitted from the situation I am about to mention, so if you want to know them, you will have to ask me in person. Just recently, I found myself in quite a predicament. I was absolutely agonizing over wanting something that it seemed to be driving me insane.

As you may know, being in a place where you feel stuck without knowing if you can ever break free really sucks! I noticed how exhausted I was feeling from wanting and wanting and wanting this one thing and constantly doubting that I would ever get it. No matter what else I had or did, I still wanted this one thing and it was seriously like a crutch that I was holding on to and in turn, it was holding me back from feeling completely present and content.   For once I decided to do something different. I dove intensely into the pain I was feeling, looking at the root cause of it and what I found at the very bottom of my desire was “self doubt.” My suffering suddenly reflected that it wasn’t the desire that was bringing me such pain. It was my own doubt that was emanating from a wounded side of myself that I thought was “non-yogic” and was not allowing myself to acknowledge.  


I asked myself very distinctly, what would a Guru tell me to do in this moment? The answer came, get rid of the root cause itself. Great, I thought to myself, how do I do that? Practice believing by taking direct action! The action I took in that situation was to communicate my true feelings in a dialogue with someone that involved a great risk! The only way to get beyond doubt at that point was to practice yoga intensely until it worked! To my sheer and utter amazement, what I thought was impossible and unattainable actually showed up for me so quickly, I am still pinching myself to make sure it is really happening!


I invite you to test this phenomenon for yourself in your life. Pick something you doubt is possible, whether small or large and practice using Yoga to get beyond it. That may be a mental practice of Dhriti- not being stuck in doubt, or it could be a physical movement that you make that frees you from the bondage of your mind. As you shift into a new realm of possibilities, keep in mind that, “Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that Faith is his twin brother.” Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


I would love to hear all about your journey with yoga!  Namaste.

Kamlesh Singh, MA, RYT
Yoga Author & Thai Yoga Massage

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Kam Singh, MA, RYT

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