Mastering Your Time With Yoga


Namaste.  If you have made the time to read this, promise to be brief, bloga, you are already skilled at mastering your time!  These days, giving out your email address is as personal as providing your age or your phone number. To start with, thank you for the time you are taking to read this.  My intention is that this article add to your day in some positive way. Om Shanti.

It is quite an oxymoron I have noticed that the way to gain mastery of time is not to speed up, but to actually slow down!  This morning I woke up with a planner tattooed inside my mind, thinking of all the tasks for today and still managed to be distracted by some alternate wonderful thoughts. 🙂  Then, I watched both sides of my brain debating, the right side- emotional, intuitive, creative, etc. “having a go” at the left side- the logical, methodical, analytical etc. about the question- Should I do my 30 minute I AM Yoga Meditation Technique since I slept a little extra and am starting late? “War” broke out in my brain- NO, you don’t have time, YES, you will be a mess today if you don’t. NO- you will be stressed, YES- you really need it, you are already stressed.  GUESS which side won, today that is…?  The right side, as in the right thing to do for me today.

After cleansing and centering my brain with this fantastic practice, I have just now sat down to write this article without a prior preparation of what I wish to say.  What I am noticing as I write is that focus is present, clarity of thinking, determination, like a fierce flame inside me on a definite mission, and passion towards a purpose filled task.  It is easier to take deep breaths and more natural action to request of myself becoming centered and being motivated.

When we are mastering time through yoga practice, what we actually do is fine tune our true intentions! It then becomes amazing to notice how much we unintentionally exhaust our time and energy in the countless distractions that constantly appear to us. Just by practicing any form of yoga, we magnify our ability to focus and be productive, like a light bulb going from 45 watts to 108 watts in a split second. Inside that focus is the invisible force of Infinite Grace, that humbly works with us, as our Higher Self, ensuring that we fulfill our highest intentions.  When this happens, we start to notice a passion emerging from within, like a flame inside us, burning with life force, prana, producing results that are of great benefit to our lives and others. A sense of fulfillment about our lives and our day emerges and even gratitude to ourselves for honoring our precious human birth.

     Some people may think, wow, some people are lucky they have that and that they are not just busy being busy.

Yoga practice brings this to our consciousness and into our daily life!  Mastery of time then becomes, which awesome thing is the highest good to bring to my life today? Mastering time then also becomes the svadhyaya- self study. We ask ourselves the questions- Which things am I doing that are feeding my spirit, nourishing to my body, adding to my life? Which things are draining, make me feel stuck, causing me to be resentful? How can I shift into where I really want to be? All these questions are revealed at some place throughout our yoga practices.  We discover the answers to this through our sacred personal journeys into our Highest Self.  The wealth within that we tap brings us to the ultimate mastery of time- the experience of timelessness. The mystical mastery of time is to experience timelessness. We are simply in the flow, beyond the understanding and bondage of time itself. We experience a sense of indifference, detachment to whatever happens and contentment with things as they are. We attain a sense of Faith in ourselves first! Then, we can expand that towards a Faith in a Higher Power and a Divine Consciousness empowering the existence of all things.

For now, to gain mastery of our time today, let’s start with those deep breaths. In just a few minutes, we can gain enough peace to shift the course of our entire day and contribute to all those who benefit from our harmony.

Wishing you Infinite Peace, Love and Light,

Kamlesh Singh


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