Mind over Matter

Day 8-10 Mind over Matter

20130530_124138Thank goodness I had those health statistics in the back of my mind for the temptation of the next two days. I did some background acting on Day 8 and Day 9, which lasted 12-15 hrs a day.  To my amazement, there was a powerful juice machine and breakfast bar set up in the morning time. We got to choose from an assortment of raw veggies, including beets, carrots, garlic, lemon, cucumbers, kale, and spinach. That was a pretty exciting surprise. As my cleanse book suggested, one should have a smoothie or snack every 2-3 hours which is pretty hard to do on the job I was doing.  I went to the snack table and saw potato chips and bunches of processed foods in bags. There was also coffee and cheese puffs. I took the least destructive thing I could find, since I was pretty hungry and that was the potato chips. I guess you could say that was a small violation of my own diet, an unacceptable form of potato. I remember the diet book saying, there would be periods where you would revert back to old habits but not to give up even if you cheat a little. I figure I made it a week with positive results, I will take the “cheating” and move forward. While I was at it, I grabbed some black coffee with raw sugar and decided that was my limit for going off the path.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad of stumble, since I am still getting awesome results.  At lunch there were lots of rich salads which were substantial until I got home and cooked. For Thurs. Day 9, I decided to make a more significant effort and brought peanut butter with celery sticks to the movie set.  Sneaking them on set was fun too, especially with all the fancy cameras around. J

20130602_171613Day 10 was the last day of taking the Super Colon Cleanse pills so the body was officially in refreshed shape according to the label on the bottle. As I am sharing my cleanse with people, the reactions have been amusing. One Personal Trainer Coach thought I would pass out while strength training and others asked me how tired I was getting. Funny enough, today was the day I decided to be a little more extreme in with cardio because of an event I was supporting. It was a 5k Run with a Kid’s Fun Run of 1 mile. I considered doing the 3miles, but didn’t want to push my luck and fail to badly. Instead I ran the one mile with the kids. It was fun running with the kids because they are so full of life. Even without pushing myself my mile time was as fast as it was in high school, around 8 minutes. Also, I was still able to teach 2 yoga classes after that before relaxing at the end of the day. I did burn a bunch of extra calories for sure. However, I put them back on again that evening.

One more minor slipped, as you may be wondering, was the movie theatre. Since we were there for 5 hours, watching 2 movies, Star Trek 3 and The Great Gatsby, food was calling. You can imagine the choices at AMC and Atlanta, GA likes their fried foods. I took the destructive path and ordered waffle fries. Even though I shared them with my friend, my body was like, “what the heck is this oil?”. It didn’t go well with the hydrogenated oils but I lived to write about it.  I have used it as an incentive to keep moving forward. Yes, next up- Day 11-14.


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