Rising Above Fear

As we begin any great new life experience, it typically involves a subtle feeling of fear.  Fear can be seen as an exploration of the unknown, an openness and willingness to consider something new. Fear causes our minds to expand or contract like a rubber band. In life, there are always things to fear, not having enough, losing what we have, not knowing where things will come from, or how they will turn out if we make changes. Many people get stuck in fear because the thoughts of it can be overwhelming.  When this happens, the mind contracts and our thinking becomes small, maybe even narrow minded. Our bodies become highly stressed as the ego tries to control the outcome and keep us thinking we are “safe”.  In an effort to stay comfortable, we tend to miss the greater blessings the universe places right in front of us, just because we prefer to stick to what is familiar.

yoga-fearFear is also sneaky because it is good at hiding.  We can also become good at disguising fear in order to achieve the results we attach ourselves to. Yet, when too much fear is hidden and there is no place for its expression, then it becomes harmful to us. When fear is given an outlet, acknowledgment and a way to be self expressed, we transform it to self empowerment. Our willingness to release our emotions brings us to a place of alternate choices and fabulous possibilities.  Our minds reach a state of expansion and our energy incorporates the power of the Infinite Universe invited to flow into us.

Recently, I had an opportunity to practice working with fear, using basic principles of yoga. A situation arose where I felt demeaned and threatened.  My body was shaking and my heart beat was elevated. I am sure my eyes were bugging out beyond normal as I felt myself losing my inner harmony.   Thank goodness for all those years of practicing deep breathing!  Otherwise, what is the point of working hard to gain merits our minds can cause us to lose through irrational actions. The tape recorded voice of yoga started playing, “take a deep inhale and a deep exhale. Again, feel the breath flowing deeply”.  It helped me to get to a place where I could see myself as an observer, Consciousness having an uncomfortable human experience.  Rather than dancing around the fear, the awareness of it, guided me further into it, to get to my intuitive space, the inner guidance.

Certain situations can take time and patience, to work with however deep the emotions run, and Belief or Faith that there are blessings awaiting. There is always a greater blessing beyond the negativity surrounding any situation. In my case, it was clear, it was time to rise above a very deep seeded fear. I moved from where I allowing myself  to be taken advantage into a more nourishing ambiance for my well being. One breath at a time, I ventured off in my life away from this negativity into a new direction, not knowing where it would lead. There was an unforeseen support of friends and new people wishing to co-create my similar visions for new yoga venues.

We can all use our journeys with fear to show us Truth from Untruth, deliver us from Delusion to Clarity, distinguish Love from Ignorance, and to rise to the best version of ourselves. Some yogis wish to be in hiberation developing powers of the higher mind. Living here on earth amongst a vastly different spectrum of human beings and finding ways to co-exist is perhaps the greatest yoga practice of all!  Regardless of how we “show up for each other at times” in the end, we are all connected to the same source.   Perhaps the hardest pose to hold and best one to practice of all yoga postures  is a peacful smile. In this way, we create union.

Kamlesh Singh

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