The End of “Rabbit Food” approaches

Day 15- Day 18 The End of Rabbit Food is Near

Yoga Posture

Yoga Posture

I am very excited to still be writing about my detox.  I know my hormones are in a different space since it’s my moon time currently. I noticed my energy level drop more around this time and feel a calling for deep rest. I have scaled back some activity and taken more time to be in the outdoors and nature for most of this week. Like the feminine energy of the moon, my focus is rest and relaxation. Yesterday , Day 15, was another filming day and since I had to wake up at 4:45am I didn’t bring my snacks. I grabbed a little pack of rice crispies, processed rice with processed sugar by I was ok with that because I see the bigger picture.  I told myself if you stare at the bullet eye and never miss the target, you will have no fun playing darts. Half the fun of challenge is not being perfect and celebrating the spontaneous unknown!

I kept up my resolve all through lunch, eating the biggest salad I think I have ever eaten so far on this cleanse. It was also packed with nutrients and some surprises like grilled onions and fresh squash. I am not sure what oil was used with that but my body seemed to do well with it. J I sat at a table with aspiring actresses who were stick skinny eating less than me commenting about how they wanted to lose weight. This reminded me to mention that when one’s intention is to nourish and strengthen the body, adding joy and lightness the cleanse will work!  If one is simply trying to achieve a goal that serves no beneficial purpose, only for the sense of conforming,  like following the crowd when the leader is lost, then it may not work, in which case that could also be a blessing.

Day 16 to Day 17 was quite the wild ride. I was on a filming set for another movie from 3:30pm to 5:30am the next morning.  I had no idea that I would be there for that long, so of course, I ended up drinking coffee with a tad bit of cream and sugar.  I was quite startled by the whole experience too. We were filming in downtown Atlanta, so the cops that were hired to be on the t.v. set were not fully equipped with weapons etc. Yet, shockingly there were 4 arrests that took place on set, even while there was filming going on. I was standing very close to the line of fire in two of those scenarios, so my adrenaline was “jacked up” to say the least.  My metabolic rate was so high, I had to eat calories in whatever form was available. I ate a processed granola bar and in a nutshell, it was “gross.” I survived that, got a small window of sleep and continued Sat teaching two more yoga classes.  I am grateful for Day 18 Sunday, to rest and relax and cook my awesome lentils to rejuvenate my body with protein. I also made an amazing new smoothie, grapefruit, mejole dates, organic pears, hemp seed milk and spirulina.

Only 3 days left to go and I am super excited to near the finish line! On Thurs. June 13th, I will be celebrating with good company at the end of my 21 day cleanse. It has been like a nutrition marathon and I have gained tremendously valuable insights for the rest of my life. Thanks for following along and for your vicarious or literal participation!

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