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Secret Caves of Yoga

Secret Caves of Yoga

Fall showed up swiftly, staring us in the face with a deep gaze. Summer was a whirlwind with bursts of heat, gusty winds and lively colors all interwoven together. With little time for transition the best way to acclimate is to dive into the inner secret cave.  We all have the unmanifest energy dwelling deep within us. Its power and presence calls us to deepen our yoga practice.
For once, I can say I did cave yoga! My husband and I just returned from celebrating our first year of marriage and rising above the many challenges of that year! We ventured into the magnificent Rio Secreto embedded within the Yucantan Peninsula.  Our voyage took place just a short drive down the coast of Cancun, Mexico. We descended into the underground with depths of water that required swimming through at some points and a constant vigilant placement of footsteps to preserve this sacred nature. Our Tour guide was telling us a bizarre story of someone who took a stalagmite out of the cave without permission and his life started to crumble until he finally returned it.

Few people get to meditate in a place that is millions of years old amongst bats, and delicate life forms in the river.
He cued us when we would begin our inner awakening. In an instant the flash of lights all faded to utter darkness, which saturated everything. It was as dark with our eyes closed as it was with our eyes open. Looking into the darkness was like looking into a personal inner cave of power.

When we practice yoga poses, our prana circulates into those dark places within us that have been undiscovered. If we stay tuned in we start to see another part of ourselves- the potential of our being is there. I closed my eyes inside this profoundly alive place and took some deep breaths, standing in Anjali mudra (palms at heart center). I felt myself transcend my thoughts, move into silence and awaken dormant powers that be.  My heart opened and my lungs were full of purified mineral enriched air that brought healing to my whole being- much like taking those deep breaths in the corpse pose! In Savasana, we settle into the secret cave of yoga- where we become what we have been practicing! Such a sweet spot!
Please take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your yoga practice for how ever many days, months or years it has been giving you the outlet to unplug from the world and descend into the Self. The Rio Secreto was my unplug, and a place I would love to visit often to get the real understanding of Self. When all the outer yoga images melt away, what you see in the darkness is your real practice. We go in and out of our caves, and call this the journey of life because we cannot know one without the other. In our last breath in life we will close our eyes, go into the darkness and wait to see what appears, the ultimate yoga adventure! Feel free to share your cave adventures!

Kam Minshew

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