Yoga Spooky Stories for Halloween

Some yogis say it is best not to mess with ghosts and goblins because we can attract unwanted energies into our personal space.  Is that really true or a bunch of nonsense? If anyone has watched the show Ghost Hunters, its rather interesting what is revealed in the investigation into the unknown.  I thought I would share a couple of tales for you this Halloween to spook your interest in the “dark side”, “taboo zone”, the “death realm” of human experience.  If there is one thing we collectively fear as humans, it is the idea of death and what happens in the afterlife. It is mentioned in the yoga sutras:

II-9 Essence of svarasa-vaahii vidusho’pi tatharudho bhiniveshah

Fear of death affects even the wise, as it is an inherent tendency. Also insecurity is an innate feeling of anxiety about the future or death.

Lots of people who have had afterlife experiences and come back to life to share them write books about them that are easily accessible to the public.  Write me if you would like to know a really good one I recommend. 🙂  I read it when I was about 19 years old and its still with me today!

When I was in Bali about 5 years ago for Halloween, it was fascinating. There is a definite belief in spirits there and people do special chanting and offerings to the spirits to appease them, should they be upset. They also for the most part stay indoors that night and stay centered that night, which I found really intriguing.  Perhaps its really a mind set we have, like the idea, “what we think about we attract” and that certain subtle energies feed off of our fear just like others feed off of our positive energy! Then again, for those of us who have had a direct experience of the “after life” and are still certifed as sane people, it makes us want to pay attention to what we do in this life.  Spiritual masters say that what you take with you when you go is your spiritual merits and all your karmas from action you have taken in your lifetime(s). 
It’s my mere and significant understanding that darkness is indeed drawn to the light, so here’s an experience I haven’t ever shared with the public until now. One night, I came back from a psychic fair, which I was checking out just for fun. I had placed a spiritual book on the coffee table and I had just acquired an unusual looking mirror from someone.  In the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and froze in my footsteps as I stood by my bedroom door. I was terrified, in shock and afraid because I saw what appeared to be a man standing in my living room. I stared at him and luckily he couldn’t yet see me. He was reading the book I had left on my coffee table. This supernatural experience lasted for several minutes as I was carefully trying to figure out my action plan. He happened to be standing in front of the mirror reflecting him and didn’t know he could be seen like that. As I stood in complete fascination, he slowly started to fade away, as if I had been dreaming his image. It’s obvious this presence meant no harm but seemed to be drawn to something that was helping him. I could see every detail of his figure as if I could have touched him.
The next day, I contacted an expert in the field and shared my experience. She was gifted at this type of energy healing and she was very loving as well. Her insight to me was that this man had suffered a traumatic departing from his body and hadn’t yet found peace. He was drawn to the spiritual book on my table. She was able to communicate with him, blessed him and sent him and surrounded him in Divine Light. Since then, I never had anymore such episodes reoccur. Wow.
Now, I either have your attention or your ready to text your friends about my weirdness. Who knows, maybe you have a similar story. Once I was traveling with a friend in college to a place called “Ghost Town” in Arizona.
We were pretty daring young women and really wanted to know more about what is beyond the five senses.  We arrived in this town and it was quite spooky. There was an empty but strangely aware type of energy surrounding us. We explored the barren tree with no leaves or green that was still alive in its own way and we walked around the desert sand noticing many rocks and cactus. We walked up to this old abandoned house that looked pretty run down. Then, I felt my instincts kick in. Something in me was really scared for no particular reason yet. Still curious and with my brave friend next to me, I placed my foot upon the first step of the front entrance to this empty eerie house. The step creaked really loudly and something said, don’t go further. I paused to think about it. Shortly after that a howling wind arose out of nowhere, almost in a funnel like action, whirling around us in a fierce manner and seemed to be approaching closer towards us. I could feel that chill almost to my bones and my gut feeling said, I’ve had enough.  Of course, my loyal friend agreed. We backed away and the wind disappeared. Whew. So, here I am today, by some Divine Grace, no doubt and sharing the tales of adventure knowing that there is definitely more out there than we can comprehend.
I have used these life experiences to my advantage. Instead of judging myself and letting other people’s judgements get the best of me, I have chosen to apply it to yoga. In yoga, the sutras tell us that there are 5 energy bodies. In these koshas, sheaths, we are connected to the mystical dimension and who can say how vast each person chooses to express that capacity of energy. 1-17 Essence of vitarka-vicharanandasmita-rupanugamat samprajnatah

Through Hatha Yoga practice we feel the sense of weight through bones, fluids and gravity to access the 1st level of Samadhi. Confusion here is directly felt as tension in the muscles, connective tissue and joints. The 2nd level, the subtle body, breath and energetic activity, psychological processes, higher cognitive activity and emotional conflicts. The 3rd level is explores the pure vibration of atoms, molecules and cells. A natural harmony here is experienced as pure bliss. In the 4th level, the “I Am-ness” is explored. The Seer begins to emerge leading toward a deeper Samadhi.

We all experience the whole energy of the universe collectively, whether we are aware of it or not. No matter what experiences we have had, choose to have or explore, we can use them to bridge the gap between fear and love.     When we are tuned it and listening to our inner guidance, the Divine One, whispering to us, to steer us towards Infinite Bliss, we can have fun on holidays like Halloween. It’s a time to recognize, honor and celebrate the dead, the ghosts, the entities in between worlds and all embodiments of energy who are on a spiritual journey to understand their essence. Victory to all. Jai !

   Om Astatoma Sadgamaya     May all beings be lead from unreal to real
   Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya       from darkness to light
   Mrityorma Amirtamgamaya  from death to immortality
   Om Shanti Shanti Shanti      peace, peace, peace.

Above is an amazing view as I walked through a sacred temple in South India.
May you have a blessed and phenomenal Halloween!
Kam Singh, MA, RYT

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