Yoga’s Hidden Blessings


Practicing yoga brings unexpected blessings. It is like going Easter egg hunting.  Half the fun is the actual searching and the bigger reward is finding the hidden treasures. During Easter, some people may be bouncing around visiting friends and family, or soaking up the sweetness of nature in the Spring.  It is a peak time for yoga, and a season that invites new growth in one’s yoga practice.  Often in yoga, a person thinks it may be a “century” before they can touch their nose to their toes, or slide into a graceful backbend. Then, all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, emerges the pose that one has visualized and fussed over for so long!  It is so exciting when this happens, because it just effortlessly arrives.  With no notice, it simply happens, as if it were meant to be all along. The tunnel of the mind, covered in darkness crumbles and is conquered by the Inner Light of the True Self. The seeds of yoga desires, with a life of their own, spontaneously sprout.  When this happens, as it does to each of us, it gives us renewed inspiration, fuels the agni, the inner fire, burning with our passions, our life force, and directs us even more intensely towards the fulfillment of our visions.  Our intuitive abilities deepen, our body strengthens, health improves, the mind becomes more focused, and our awareness of connection to all things expands.  Love and compassion become stronger in our lives, benefiting all things that we interact with.

Each time we practice yoga, we increase our likelihood of having unforeseen good fortune.  I have a quote pasted to my laptop to remind me of this concept. “When you follow your bliss, doors open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.” – Joseph Campbell.  Yoga offers us the chance to experience inner alignment, where the body, mind and spirit, meet at the center of our being, making us positively magnetic.  In these times, we manifest a strong field of energy that attracts Infinite light, joy, and blessings towards us. While the external world may reflect chaos, the internal world invokes harmony and the tendency towards going within deepens. Yoga practice once a week may increase to a few times a week and perhaps even weave itself into one’s lifestyle. From that vortex of energy  constantly being built, amazing and profound people, places or opportunities appear in our life, just like a long awaited yoga pose!

In February, several students were hesitant about trying to complete the 108 Sun Salutations for the first time. That is performing 108 yoga Sun Salutations all in a row, while focusing on the breath, the awareness of the mind, body and flow of the practice.  It was remarkable to see how the practitioners who thought they would for sure never make it, ended up pleasantly surprised at how each Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) carried them into the next one, until it was totally complete. People came out of the “wood works” when the actual event took place. There were so many students that we could barely all fit in the room.  The steam you see in the picture enclosed is a true reflection of the tapas, internal cleansing and detoxification that took place.  People described it as “awesome, amazing, incredible, and sooo good!”  It was a remarkable, unexpected blessing of people coming together from all walks of life. The true essence of yoga, union with practitioners was happening, all as if it were meant to be!   The emerging of the Light within, while honoring the life force of our Sun was truly present. This is a small and yet significant inkling of the unexpected blessings one can attract, the power yoga has to offer our planet, the universe, and our harmony as we co-exist in this big wide world.

Each month, I strive to hold a yoga workshop of some sort for yoga people to convene and possibly make new connections. I just finished 3 Thai Yoga Massage workshops in the past couple of months, so I will most likely do those again later in the year, for those of you who have been asking :-).

It is encouraging to keep in touch with fellow yoga participants, especially in a world where we have so many options in each given day to chose from and so much going on!  Next month, I will be in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks, taking an awesome yoga teacher training program to fulfill my yoga alliance certification.  However, when I return, I will be having a YOGA HIPS workshop. Details are listed in this email. I hope to see you there, especially if I haven’t seen you in some time. It is always great to see people who I share this fantastic yoga path!

Wishing you a life long journey with yoga and all of the invisible, blissful surprises it brings!

Kamlesh Singh

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